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Re: Vinayaka Posed as Lord Krishna

From: alwarraj alwar (
Date: Fri Aug 24 2001 - 06:39:25 PDT

Srimate Ramanujaya Namaha !
Srila Prabhupad ki jai !
HH Narayana Yathindram saranam prapadye !

Dear Shriman Ramesh Narasimhan,

Please accept my dandavats !

I share your concern in this regard. For all that we
boast of India being spiritual country, "anartha"s
like this do keep happening every now and then
......Only, the other  day I was coming across "Kargil
Vinayagar" ..vinayaga posed atop a canon. Siva
Parvathhi concepts are all coming dime
a dozen @ the  drop of hat.

But, this miscreant attitude toward Lord Krishna is
surely to be severely condemned. 

I join you in requesting all Vaishnavas to object to
such an offense.

An Insignificant Soul,

--- Ramesh Narasimhan <> wrote:
> Dear Bakthas
> I got this from I was shocked to
> see a picture of Lord Vinayaka posed as Lord Krishna
> with flute and cow. I suggest that Sri Vaishnava
> Bhaktas should object this and send thier comments.
> The Web site address is
> Adiyan
> Ramesh Narasimhan

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