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UPDATE: Golden Kavacham for Thiruvellarai Pundareekaaksha PerumaL
Date: Fri Aug 24 2001 - 07:17:11 PDT

Dear BhaktAs and BhAgawathas,

aDiyEn recently spoke with our Acharyan - Sri.
U.Ve.Sowmyanarayanachariar Swamy - at ThiruveLLarai
and learnt that about 2kgs of gold (and 3Lakh indian
rupees) has already been contributed by various
BhaktAs and BhAgawathas in India towards the Golden
Kavacham venture.  Apparently, the total estimated
gold requirement for the Golden Kavacham for
Thiruvellarai Pundareekaaksha PerumaL is around 5kgs. 
The estimated total cost is around 25 Lakh Indian
Rupees for the gold, workmanship and samprokshanam

aDiyEn requests every one in the group to please visit
the following web site

for the sthala purANam, alwAr vaibhavam ...etc. of the
thiruveLLarai temple. The English and Tamil
Pathrigai's containg the appeal for help towards this
cause can also be found on the same web site. Please
consider contributing how much ever you can, towards
this divine venture.

BhaktAs and BhAgawathAs in India could directly
contribute, directly to the either one of the
following Organisers & Sthalathars of Thiruvellarai

1. Sri. U.Ve Sowmynarayanchariar,
Mela Thirumaligai,
113, West Chitra Street,
Srirangam, Tiruchy - 620 006
Phone: 0431-431743

2. Sri. U.Ve. S.Thiruvengadachariar,
Keezha Thirumaligai,
43, West Chitra Street,
Tiruchy - 620 006
Phone: 0431-430864

aDiyEn is trying to co-ordinate the contributions from
bhaktAs here in US/Canada. aDiyEn intends to submit
all our contributions to the organizers/sthalathars of
the thiruvellarai temple in September/October 2001.

aDiyEn may be contacted by email at:

aDiyEn RamAnuja dAsan
Govindarajan Varadarajan

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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