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Re: A tale of two thieves

From: Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan (
Date: Fri Aug 24 2001 - 05:42:24 PDT

Shri Sadagopan has stolen our hearts with this wonderful write-up.  The 
article on Bhaghavata Seshatvam and this article gave wonderful thoughts for 

Regarding Shri Mani's question, this is adiyen's personal opinion .  
"Guru-Krupa" seems to be very fundamental to all our systems - SmartA - 
VaishnavAs - ShAktAs etc..  Many people relate this KrupA to their personal 
experience.  It appears EmperumAn's first act of Daya or KarunA towards his 
'innocent' (non-scholarly) devotee is to send a Guru to bless that devotee.  
Therefore going through an achArya is in the scheme of things deviced by 
EmperumAn.  Reason comes later and one can reason it out either way. For 
eg.: If shedding our 'ego' is fundamental to 'SharanAgati' (direct or 
through an achArya), there is no question that Bhaghavata Seshatvam will 
help that process.  An achArya is the prathama BhagavatA.

Moreover, NyAsa Vimshati's 2nd sloka equates  "Guru" and "EmperumAn" and we 
must develop a mental attitude that would see no difference between them.  
Then Guru Krupa will flow and we may have a chance to taste the bliss of 
'moksha' right here.  Guru is the conduit through which Emperuman's daya 

I am not backing up what I have said with any sastraic pramAnams (eventhough 
there are definitely pramAnams to substantiate what I have said).  The 
questions Shri Mani had asked has crossed my mind several times and may be 
looking at it from the above angle will provide some satisfaction.


S. Vijayaraghavan

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