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2001 Swamy Desikan Thiunakshathra Kaimkaryam at ThiruvahIndrapuram

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Aug 21 2001 - 20:18:59 PDT

SrimathE RaamAnujAya Nama:

Swamy Desikan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Dear BhakthAs: 

Swamy Desikan's 733rd Birthday will be celebrated 
on September 28 , 2001 (Friday , PurattAsi SravaNam  
and Sarva EkAdasi).That will be a glorious day for
us to thank Swamy Desikan for all the anugrahams 
that he has showered on us thru his Sri Sookthis.

As always , the ghOshti reciting Swamy Desikan's 
Sri Sokthams will be formidable at ThiruvahIndhrapuram
and the hill side of Oushada Giri will be resonating 
with the auspicious Naadham of Swamy Desikan's SthOthrams.

AdiyEn wants to announce a major Kaimkaryam for this occasion , 
which will be in three steps :

1. Presentation of Nava MaNi Maalai to DevanAtha PerumAL
   by Swamy Desikan ( Nava MaNi Maalai)on his birthday. 

2. Presentation of three strand pearl necklace to 
   Sri HemAbhja Valli ThAyaar by Swamy Desikan 
   (MummaNikkOvai)on this day.

3. The grandest of them all is the construction and 
   SamarpaNam of a RathnAngi for the Uthsavar ,
   DevanAtha PerumAL to complete the earlier kaimkaryam
   of the SamarpaNam of the Mutthangi for the Moolavar.
   Three years ago , many of you helped to construct such
   a RathnAngi For Lord Oppiliappan Uthsavar( Sri Ponnappan).

AdiyEn invites all Swamy Desika BhakthAs now to join in these
three kaimakryams . The first two will take place during
the Sep 28 , PurattAsi SravaNam day at ThirvahIndrapuram .

The third Kaimkaryam will take some time and hopefully 
be completed with Swamy Desikan's anugraham before His next
Thirunakshathram at the latest .

Why This focus on Lord DevanAthan ?

The Lord of ThiruvahIndrapuram commanded Swamy Desikan
to compose NINE Prabhandhams , seven in Tamil and two 
in Sanskrit.One of the Two " Sanskrit " SthOthrams was
really set in in praakrutham , the Kocchai BhAshai of
Sanskrit spoken by ladies and children .

These NINE SRI SOOKTHIS  adorn LOrd DheivanAyakan's
beautiful neck and chest regions as NAVA MANI MAALAI.

One of the NINE Sri Sookthis is aptly entitled "NAVA MANI MAALAI" .

AdiyEn wishes to suggest that we should have a SamarpaNam of
a Navarathna Maalai made up of Emerald , Sapphire , Ruby ,
Pearl , PushparAgam , Vaidooryam , Vajram , Coral and one more
traditional stone that is used in Navarathna Rings and Necklaces.

  *Ummidi Jewellers are ready to construct such a Navarthna Maalai
  *for this special Occasion . adiyEn was going to cover the expenses.
  *It occured to me however that number of Swamy Desika BhakthAs
  *would like to join in this noble Kaimkaryam and should be welcomed.
  *We need a total of 400$ and 8 BhakthAs are requested to come forward
  *and join in this noble Kaimkaryam.AdiyEn is committing the first 50$.
  * We need 7 more BhakthAs to complete the assembly of funds.

In Nava MaNi Maalai, Swamy Desikan addresses the Lord of 
ThiruvahIndhrapuram as " Ayindhai Vaazhum Manju yenavE aruL 
pozhiyum VaLLalE ! ninn vadivu azhagu maRavAthAr piRavAthArE".
 He says: " Oh DevanAthA ! You are like the rain-laden cloud that
lives permanently at ThiruvahIndhrapuram and soaks all with the rain
of DayA . Those fortunate ones , who never forgot  the beauty of
Your SubhAsraya ThirumEni will never be born again ! 

The significance of MUmmaNikkOvai
In this Tamil Prabhandham on Lord DevanAthan of
ThiruvahIndhrapuram , Swamy Desikan housed 30 paasurams.
Due to our durbhAgyam , only Ten of the Thirty are available

The MummaNikkOvai starts with the PurushakAra Prapatthi 
to Sri HemAbhja Valli ThAyAr . Swamy Desikan compares Her 
to a Rathna DhIpam that removes the darkness of Ajn~Anam
in us . She intercedes on our behalf with Her lord
and destroys our karmAs.


The estimated cost is $300 . We need 6 BhakthAs , who
can join in this kaimkaryam to the most Merciful ThAyAr.
adiyEn considers it a BhAgyam to committ 50$ for this Kaimkaryam.
AdiyEn requests 5 more BhakthAs to come forward and close 
this Kaimkaryam .Please come forward and recieve 
the dhivya Dampathi's blessings.

The RathnAngi /VajrAngi Kaimkaryam

This kaimkaryam will be most delightful to Swamy
Desikan . Both in Achyutha sathakam and Sri DevanAyaka
PanchAsath , Swamy Desikan eulogizes the Lord of 
ThiruvahIndhrapuram in slOkams brimming with his
theevra Bhakthi . In Achyutha Sathakam , Swamy Desikan
transforms into a girl (VenkatanAyaki) and expresses 
"his" exquisite love for the Lord as Her Husband , just
as ParakAla nad ParAnkusa Naayaki did through their paasurams.
In DEvanAyaka PanchAsath , Swamy Desikan loses his mind 
over the dhivya Soundharyam of the Lord of Thiru Ayindhai 
and proves DhaivanAyakan is the DevAthi Devan ( Para DEvathai).

adiyEn will translate and comment on the individual Paasurams 
and slOkams of (1) Nava MaNi Maalai (2) MummaNikkOvai
(3) DevanAyaka PanchAsath and (4) Achyutha Sathakam  in
that order.

AdiyEn requests all Swamy Desika BhakthAs and the devotees of
ThiruvahIndhrapuram Dhivya Dampathis to come forward and Join
in these three Kaimkaryams : (1) SamarpaNam of Nine Gem Necklace
for Lord DEvanAthan on Sep 28, 2001 (2) SamarpaNam of the three
Strand Pearl necklace on Friday, Sep 28 , 2001 for Sri HemAbhja Valli
/Senkamala Valli ThAyar from the hands of Swamy Desikan
and (3) Purchase of the Rubies for the initiation of the RathnAngi
Kaimkaryam for the Uthsavar. This will take 6 to 12 months.

The anticipated expenses are:

(1) Navarathna Maalai samarpaNam : $400
(2) MummaNikkOvai SamarpaNam: $300
(3) RathnAngi ( Ruby portion ): $500

The BhakthAs in India , USA and other Nations of the world
are requested to join in . Therefore the SamarpaNams can be
in Indian Rupees or US Dollars. Those who wish to donate
Gold for the base of the RathnAngi are also requested to
come forward. 

The GodhA PriyA Committee of Chennai and Swamy Desikan 
MukOllAsa Committee here would coordinate the project
in cooperation with the trustees and the Executive Officer
of ThiruvahIndhrapuram Temple .

At this time , adiyEn would like to recieve pledges from 
BhakthAs , who wish to take part in this Noble Kaimkaryam.
Please let adiyEn know.

May Swamy Desikan's blessings be with You and Your
Families always !

Daasan, Oppilaippan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan 



           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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