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Sri Mukkur Swami Upanyasam Cassettes
Date: Wed Aug 22 2001 - 13:57:37 PDT

Sri Mattapalli NaaTam PranathOsmi Nithyam Namaha

Dear devotees of Namudai NamPeruman Sri Rajyalakshmi Sametha Sri 

Some time back adiyEn had posted a mail regarding the distribution of 
U.Ve. Sri Mukkur Lakshmi Narasimhacharyar's upanyAsam cassettes. The 
response for that was overwhelming. Almost every one of you wanted to 
have all the 24 cassettes in adiyEn's possession. 

To balance between my current residency cum research schedules and my 
profound interest to share with you the 'yAam Petra inbam', adiyEn 
would like to make available 2 90 minute recordings of Sri Mukkur 
Swami on Sri NrusimhAvatAram. This would be followed , in due course, 
with Srinivasa Kalyanam and Ramayanam upanyAsam recordings.

Sri NrusimhAvataram upanyAsam in adiyEn's posession is a personal 
open air recording of Sri Swami's discourse delivered in 1999 at Sri 
Ahobila Mutt, Chembur, Bombay. 

All of Sri Mukkur Swami's discourses are filled with His UNDILUTED 
AchArya (in line with the GURUBHAKTA RATNA title conferred by 
Prakrutham Azhagiya Singar) and Nrusimha bhakti. This discourse is 
not an exception. The place where He effortlessly and continuously 
renders almost all of Azhwar's pAsurams on AaLari is worth 

As expected during His Nrusimha AvatAram upanyAsam, AvirbhAvam occurs 
this time also and HE starts reciting Sri Bharatwaja Hrudayam (32,000 
slOkas of Bharatwaja maharishI on Sri MattapalliNaadhan. This slOka 
is in press and being released by TTD). adiyEn has included the 
initial portions of the AvirbhAvam in the recording.

adiyEn is doing this infinitesimally small kaimkaryam to 

- partake with you the glorious 180 minutes adiyOngal had listening 
to Sri Swami

- bring to your attention the plan of Sri Mukkur Swami's Nrusimha 
Kudumbam to keep Sri Swami's tradition alive

Ordering details

- To cut down on costs, adiyEn could make this cassette available 
only in the US and Canada. 

  However, if Nrusimha bhaktAs elsewhere would like to coordinate the 
distribution in their country  adiyEn would be glad to ship the 
cassettes in bulk.

- Towards blank cassettes and S/H it costs US$ 5 for both the 
cassettes. adiyEn would be pleased if you can absorb this cost AND 
also make a contribution to the trust (details of which I have 
already posted in the FILES/Swati_trust section of this forum). Your 
valuable contributions will be accrued and sent later to the Trust. 
It would be adiyEn's responsibility to send you an official receipt 
for your valuable contribution.

Those interested can mail the contributions to

  Rajagopalan, Srinivasan
  200 Sixth Avenue NW
  Apt 304
  Rochester MN 55901

  Also let me know your address (preferably in both the email and 
your smail).

- adiyEn has currently duplicated 64 sets. 32 of them will be posted 
today to those who already made their  pledges. The remaining 32 
could be dispatched on a first-come-first-served basis. However, 
adiyEn would  make another 32 sets next week depending on the 
requirements. So nobody would be left out.

- Should you need further details regarding the Trust or this 
cassette or anything about Sri Swami that  adiyOngaL can help you 
with do not hesitate to email us ( / or call us at 507-282 8228.

Looking forward to sharing our bliss with each one of you.

With Kindest Regards


Mala Srinivasan
Rajagopalan, Srinivasan

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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