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From: Sudharshan Santhanam (
Date: Thu Aug 23 2001 - 20:52:22 PDT

hello Mr. Chandrasekaran! I welcome you to this group.
I am also a fellow member of this group. I am sure you
will be bestowed with all good things in life after
your Thirupathi trip. I am also a believer of Lord
Srinivasar. I have been to Tirumala many times and i
have been blessed with very good dharshans whenever i
have been there. I would pray to him for a pleasant
dharshan for you also. It is just that i am far away
in a country where i cant visit HIM, i am writing this
to you so that you can pray for me too. I would urge
you to listen to Sri Venkatesa Suprabatham sung by MS
and then Vishnu Sahasranamam also sung by MS. Also try
and get Balaji Pancharatna Mala by MS. Music is one
way of building Bhakthi Yoga which is what our Lord
has suggested us to practise to attain MOKSHA in this
Kaliyuga. I am sure you can learn the renderings by MS
by heart in a few days. I am sending you this link
where you can download and read some of OUR
traditional Shlokas and Mantras. the name of the site

you may also download all the mp3 songs and listen to
them in your computer. 

Also visit this site where you can listen to 4000
Divya Prapandham and you could also take a printout of
all the 4000. The site is

Also try and read paduka sahasram which is a by Swami
Desikan. Please do try to find time to go thro the
Gadhya Thrayam which is composed of Vaikunta Gadhyam,
Sri Ranga Gadhyam and Sharanagathi Gadhyam, which i
think will give you peace of mind for sure. Vishnu
Sahasranamam will give you "karya siddhi". 

I will keep in touch with you so that whenever i get
any more info i can pass it on to you directly.

GOTO Ashramam/Matam whichever you follow and start
listening to Katha Kalakshepam and Upanyasams given by
our Acharyas. I would say there is no better place in
this world than the ashramam when there is an
upanyasam. Also try and find if there are
Tele-Upanyasams that you could listen to if you are
not available in the city at that time
I wish you all the best. If you are driving to
Tirupathy i would pray for a safe and pleasant

adiyen ramanuja dasan,

Sudharshan Santhanam

--- chandrasekaran srinivasan
<> wrote:
>            I am s.chandrasekaran, introducing myself
> as
> LOAN etc.,
> I belong to vaishnava community.please let me know
> the
> slokas for peace of mind and prosperity.I am
> visiting
> tirumala next month.please let me know the customs
> to
> be followed & slokas I should tell (AT TIRUMALA)
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>                                   S.CHANDRASEKARAN
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