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Re: Re; Clarify Pls

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Thu Aug 23 2001 - 12:54:17 PDT

alambda writes:
> One writer was clearly to point out on the
> word Hindu, being modern, religious notion, writer is absolutely correct. It
> was a word actively promoted by the British Raj to divide and rule India,
> and they succeeded in their motivation and it is sad, we still follow it.
> It is my personal views that unless this Kalai issue is dealt with broad
> mindedness, we will be in a state of sorry figure, blaming each other again
> watching our history being manipulated and re-written by non-Kalais and
> people of other faith.

Dear Swathi,

Unless I am misunderstanding, the above paragraph blames outside
forces for the kalai controversy within Sri Vaishnavam. Frankly,
we need to point fingers only at ourselves for our sorry state.
No other villains, certainly not the British nor outside religiou
groups, are responsible for the hate-mongering and bitter rivalry
that is seen in Divya Desams today.  All who are responsible bear
the thirumaN and SrI-cUrNam of the Sri Vaishnava sampradAya.

> I am very happy to read many beautiful vakkiyam's from
> scriptures of Sri.  Ramanujacharya and great Alwars. [...] 
> But at the same, friends, we have to wake up to the fact many
> Sri.Vaishnava childrens/Brahmin childrens needs help in terms
> of Education, Shelter, even good story books to spend their
> summer in a useful manner.

And not just brahmin children, but *all* children need food,
education and shelter. Making our net cover everyone with
our love will put in practice the truth 'atas tad AnukUlyam
me kartavyam iti niScayaH'.

With regards,

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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