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kannanai ninaiththaalum sugame- post 4

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Tue Aug 21 2001 - 04:35:31 PDT

Dear Sri vaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

Many people saw krishNaa lifting the hill gOvardhanam and saved the gOpaas
and cows. We saw in the earlier post the staunch krishna bhakthaa leela
sukhar describing each person saw that unique feat performing lord in his
own angle. Mother yasOdhaa saw him as aanandham personified, gOpies with
love etc. 

aardhraavalOkitha dhayaa pariNadhdha nEthram aavishkrutha smitha sudhaa
madhura adhara Oshtam! Aadhyam pumaamsam avathamsitha barhi barham
aalOkayanthi kruthina: krutha puNya punjaa: !! Leela sukhar - 1- 67 in
krishNa karNaamrutham 

meaning: Those bhakthaas who have accumulated lot of good deeds in the
earlier births only see Lord krishNaa,
-	that oldest of the old purusha - aadhi purusha
-	one who has cool looks, 
-	one whose eyes are completely filled with mercy- dhayaa- towards the
-	the lips flashing the smile and the smile pours out the sweetness
considered as nectar by bhakthaas, 
-	whose head is decorated by peacock feathers very nicely.

See his description- puNya punjaa:- puNyak kuviyal- then only can see
krishNaa. There was one blessed (?) soul who could not see this. That was
krishnaa's mother dhEvaki still languishing and suffering in jail. Why she
could not see? Any reasons? Or is it some shortage in that accumulation of
that mun seidha thavap payan? - inadequacy in the account of good deeds done
in earlier births? 

The answer is YES. "thiru ilEn, onRum peRRilEn ellaam dheiva nangai yasOdhai
peRRaaLE" says dhEvaki the mother of krishNaa. 7-7- aalai neeL karumbu-
perumaaL thirumozhi by kulasekara aazhvaar.

Meaning: dhEvaki herself admits - yes, I am poor in that wealth. I did not
possess the luck for seeing or getting the enjoyment of all these child
plays of my son, that lucky dame god yasOdhaa (dheiva nangai) got all that. 

See the depth in that "onRum peRRilan"- I am damned, I could not get any
thing, totally blank. But the other side- ellaam peRRaaLE"- all got- nothing
is left out.

Knowing fully well the unique capacity of the son, who was in her womb, and
when came out- janitha samayE- showed the viswa roopam, she sends a request.
Ok my son, let me unfortunate- but, I know you can make me fortunate by your
grace, so please do. aruLE- please - I am your dhaasi- adiyEn- please grace
me to see all these- kaaNumaaRu aruLE. Now see the verse

KunRinaal kudai kaviththadhum kOlak kuravai kOththadhum kudam aattum
KanRinaal viLaa eRinthadhum kaalaal kaaLiyan thalai midhiththadhum mudhalaa
VenRi sEr piLLai viLaiyaattu anaiththilum angu en uLLam uL kuLira
OnRum kaNdidap peRRilEn adiyEn kaaNumaaRu ini uNdu enil aruLE.
-- 7-9 aalai neeL karumbu- perumaaL thirumozhi- kulasekhara aazhvaar

meaning for certain words:
kaviththadhum- held down (like an umbrella
kuravai- a type of dance played by girls in which each ties the hands with
others and move in unison - here raasa dance of krishna
venRi- veRRi - success
meaning: Oh my krishna, I am your dhaasi- servant, in case, it is possible
and you can shower your grace on me, please show me all those child plays of
yours, like
-	the lifting of gOvardhanam the hill, as an umbrella for the rain
-	the raasaa dance with all these gOpee damsels and  your enjoying
with each girl beautifully
-	the dance of yours having a pot on the head
-	the throwing of a calf on the viLaa tree to kill the calf as well as
bring down the tree
-	the dance of your feet on the head of kaaLiyan the poisonous snake
-	plus all other child plays
Why I ask you, oh my lord, is that all these childish plays are not seen by
me when it happened, so that, as a mother I can enjoy my son's feats in its
entirety and drown myself in that aanandham.

a.	Instead of commanding the son, "hey show me all these", mother sends
a request. Such a poor position to beg him should not happen to any mother.
All because of lack of mun seidha thavap payan.
b.	Oh what a request - great, to re-enact all those child plays- baala
leelaas- OnRum kaNdidap peRRilEn - see words- I have not seen any one. So
please repeat all- kaaNumaaru aruLE. The way it is asked evokes sympathy.
c.	viLaiyaataam anaiththilum venRi sEr - which of the plays of my
krishna has failed- to say this - every thing is already a play for him-
plus that is the love of the mother to qualify like this.
d.	Instead of simply "kaaNumaaru aruLE"- why this qualifying words en
uLLam uL kuLira- is this aasai or pEraasai- may be, some times, after seeing
one or two leelaas satisfaction will come. So, oh my lord, enough. I have
		But once a gap is given in seeing, there may be some heat
generated inside the heart that not all those are fully seen, why not show
some things more. Hence it is uLLam uL kuLira- inside the heart of heart,
there should be satisfaction of having seen all his plays and nothing is
left of the past. Now that he has graced me, I can see all future things
also hereafter without exception. That kind of grace you have to show me.
e.	See how the mother addresses "oh my kEsava [verse 2], enthaiyE [3],
en than kulap perum chudarE [3], ezhil kavar ERE [3], kaNNanE [4] kaNNaa [6]
kuzhaganE [7], govindhaa [7] all dear names- please grant your grace to see.
f.	Request is from a soul blessed to bear the Lord in the womb and have
the darsana sowbhaagyam of that paramaathmaa. With the darsanam all mun
seidha thavap payan got exhausted- perhaps yes. That is why continued in the

Now a request to the lord, if you have granted this request to your mother,
why not now again for me and my fellow bhakthaas of the list- kaaNumaaru

Whenever this decad is referred for some purpose my senses go out of
control. Result is kaNNanaip paRRi ninaiththu alaRRudhal- continuously think
and weep, cry. See 
Kuravai aaichchiyarOdu kOththadhum kunRam onRu Enthiyadhum
Uravu neer poigai naagam kaainthadhum utpada maRRum pala
AraviR paLLip piraan than maaya vinaigaLaiyE alaRRi
Iravum pagalum thavirgilam enna kurai enakkE - 6-4-1 nam aazhvaar in

So I have no kuRai. See the commonality with kulasekarar paasuram- same 3
major baala leelaas. Anaiththilum kaaNumaaru arulE- here maRRum pala. Who
followed whom- one thing is clear everybody followed kaNNan.

Dhaasan Vasudevan M.G.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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