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Golden Kavacham for Thiruvellarai Pundareekaaksha PerumaL

From: Govin Varadarajan (
Date: Sat Aug 18 2001 - 15:14:11 PDT

Dear BhAgawathas and Bhaktas of bhakti-list,

As you might have heard, a Golden Kavacham has been
proposed to be built for Sri. Pundareekaaksha PerumaaL
of Thiruvellarai Diwya Desam.  aDiyEn's Acharyan -
Sri. U.Ve. Sowmyanarayanachariar Swamy - who lives at
thiruvellari recently informed aDiyEn about the same.
aDiyEn has obtained the english/tamil pathrigais
appealing for help towards the golden kavachaam
kaimkaryam from aDiyen's Acharyan.

On this occassion, we have created a web page on the
thiruvellarai diwya desam with the description  of the
temple provided in tamil by aDiyen's Acharyan and
translated to english by Sriman Sadagopan of this
group.  The URL of this web site is

The English and Tamil Pathrigais appealing for help
towards the construction of the golden kavacham for
Lord Pundareekaakshan can also be found on the above

aDiyen requests every one to please visit the above
web site and let me know your comments.

aDiyEn Ramanuja Daasan,
Govindarajan Varadarajan

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