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Re: SriJayanthi

From: M.N.Ramanuja (
Date: Mon Aug 20 2001 - 05:04:46 PDT

The elaborate explanation of Sri Mani Varadarajan is very much
appreciated. Just as in Vadakalai sampradayam, there are part of them
following the Mannar tradition and part of them following Tozhappar
tradition, there are a part of Tenkalais who follow Mannar tradition like
KeezhnattIyengars and others and another part of them following Thozhappar
tradition of Almanac, like Mandayam Srivaishnavas and
others. Incidentally, Thozhappar belonged to the Kandadai family as told
in Upadesharatnamalai of Swami ManavalaMamuni  ' Kandadai Thozhappar tham
ukappaal yenna Ulakaariyano ennuraittha'' regarding Swami Nambillai as
described in the latest Bhakti list post by Sri V.Satagopan mama. 
Incidentally srivenugopalakrishna temple in Malleswaram Bangalore follows
Thozhappar tradition for SriJayanthi and other festivals. 
Similarly there are two more divisions called siddhanta and Vakya in
Almanacs for which  also the followers are distributed in all Kalais.

By the way the last question regarding the dual celebration of sriJayanthi
with sweets and savouries as well as thairvadais and atirasam amd
sojjiappam and pepper koottu is to be explained by learned members.

With Regards

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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