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Re: Thiruvadi

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Aug 18 2001 - 05:45:54 PDT

At 10:16 PM 8/16/01 +0530, you wrote:

>Why are there no significant Ramar temples in the 108 divya
desams(particularly >in south India) In popular divya desams, ramar
Sannidhis only seems like a >later addition, is this only my impertinant
thought or is there any >significance behind this. 
>I will be greatful if my confusion is cleared by you.

Dear Sri Vasu Venkat:

There are many "Raamar Temples" among Dhivya Desams .
For instance , AyOdha , PuLLambhUtham Kudi, ThiruveLLiyankudi,
ThiruveLLUr and Srirangam ( Uthsavar) , Thirupputtkkuzhi 
are some of the 108 dhivya dEsams with Sri Ramachandran 
as the presiding deity.

There are Sri Raamar Sannidhis at other dhivya dEsams like
ThirukkAzhicchIrAMa ViNNagaram , ThiruvahIndhrapuram ,
Oppiliappan Sannidhi  among dhivya desam .

This is just for starters. AzhwArs have enjoyed the Lords
of many dhivya dEsams as Sri Ramachandran and sung about
their aanandhAnubhavams.

Sri Ramachandra ParabrahmaNE Nama:

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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