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FW: kaNNani ninaiththaal sugame - post 3

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Date: Fri Aug 17 2001 - 22:56:44 PDT

Dear srivaishnava perunthagaiyeer

It appears this mail was not received in the net, when sent originally.
Hence repeated please. 
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Subject:	kaNNani ninaiththaal sugame - post 3

Dear Sri vaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

First let me put across a small correction in the meaning of "muninthu" in
the thirumangai aazhvar paasuram quoted in post 2. Muninthu - means - kOpam
koLLudhal - with anger against indhran, krishna lifted the hill gOvardhanam
and also to save the gOpaas from the rains sent down by indhran with anger.
[Though it was in the manuscript, it was missed to be included in the post,
because, the eagerness to serve the aanandham of enjoying krishna to his
bhakthaas has taken over. This happened in spite of a second reading also
was done. Pardon me for that costly miss.]

Now another meaning for same verse- 
Thadankadal muganthu visumbidaip piLirath
Thadavaraik kaLiru enRu muninthu
Madankal ninRa thirumaalirum sOlai vaNangudhum vaa mada nenjE!
meaning: A lion (madankal) is standing in the thirumaal irum sOlai forests
looking at the skies with anger. At the edge of the skies after the hill
line, black clouds appear like rows of elephant and that has aroused the
anger of lion. These clouds, having lifted water from the ocean, are now
ready to pour down, since they are roaring with thunder. In such a
thirumaalirumsOlai temple let us go and prey there, come, oh, my mind.

Just for brevity the full verse now
Vidam kalanthu amarntha aravaNaith thuyinRu
ViLankanikku iLam kanRu visiRi
Kudam kalanthu aadik kuravai mun kOththa 
Kooththa em adigaL tham kOil
Thadankadal muganthu visumbidaip piLirath
Thadavaraik kaLiru enRu muninthu
Madankal ninRa thirumaal 
irum sOlai vaNangudhum vaa mada nenjE

You can take "madankal ninru adhirum maalirunchOlai vaNangudhum" also
meaning - Lion stop for a while and then creates vibrations against the
elephants. To such maalirunchOlai let us go and prey in that temple. This
verse is a beauty for the tamil and bhakthi content and describing nature's

Now let us advance. In post 1, we saw OVS iyer swamy saying kaNNanai
ninaiththaal  sugam. In post 2 we saw Smt. AK saying kaNNanai maalirum sOlai
sundharanaaga sonna naa inikkudhu. Now let us "See" kaNNan with aanandham -
different people looking differently at kaNNan - krishNan when he lifted the
hill gOvardhanam- 

AanandhEna yasOdhayaa samadhanam gOpaanganaabhischiram
Sa aasankam balavidhvishaa sa kusumai: sidhdhai: pruthivyaakulam!
SEshyam gOpakumaarakais sakaruNam pourair janai: saasmatham
YO dhrushta: sa punaathu nO muraripu: prOthkshiptha gOvardhana:!! 
-- 2-53 leela sukhar in krishna karNaamrutham

Meaning: Let that krishnan saves us who was seen
*	By mother yasOdha with lot of happiness- aanandham- [ a proud mother
looks at her son doing things which others can not, possibly, even think
than doing them- so she looks at her child krishna with happiness]
*	By gOpees with love for a long time [gopees look at him as their
darling with love for he  who played flute and danced with each one of them
in that great raasa dance, exchanged love with them- so they look at him
with love] 
*	By King dhEvEndhran with a doubtful eye [having blocked the puja due
to me what next, this young boy is going to do for me?- so a doubtful eye]
*	By sidhdhaas with flowers in hands to worship [having already
enjoyed that paripooraNan- wholesome lord- during the raasa dance by
standing in the sky these sidhdhaas look at him what surprises you have for
us, oh lord, to enjoy from you] 
*	By bhoodhEvi with a little sorrow [oh this child lifted the hill-
what will happen if he gets tired for a second also? She for a minute forgot
he is the supreme lord- vaanchai to the child krishna overtook her]
*	By aaippadi young lads with eyes filled of jealousy [all attention
from our parents is only on this krishna, we are ignored by our own parents-
so jealousy comes naturally]
*	By the folklore of aaippadi with kaaruNyam- sympathy [oh, such a
small wonderful child have saved us many a times earlier and now also from
this deluge and rain- we can not pay back the dues to him - so let us pay
our kaaruNyam at least]
*	By the general people with big smile on their faces [enjoying the
great leelaa happening in front, hence all smiles] [Matter in brackets are
comments by MGV]

Each one of the bhakthaas is awe stuck and sees him differently, when the
gOvardhanam was lifted by lord. So here krishnanai kaaNbathE sugam. For it
is raining outside. We can not do anything except gazing at him and enjoy
that krishnan- kaaNudhal sugam. 

Is it mun seidha thavap payan to see him and enjoy. Yes definitely.
Now see here another angle on this "mun sedha thavap payan".

Urvyaam kO~api maheeDharO lagutharO dhOrbhyaam dhruthO leelayaa
ThEna thvam dhivi bhoothalE cha sathatham gOvardhanOdhdhaaraka: !
Thvaam thrilOkyadharam vahaami kuchayOragrE na thadhgaNyathE
Kim vaa kEsava bhaashaNena bahunaa puNyair yasO labhyathE!!
-- Leela sukhar- 2-105

Meaning: mother rukmini says "hey kEsava! In this world, one hill was lifted
sportingly by you. Due to that act you got name and fame in this world and
in the other lOkam -dhEvalOkam also. I support on my tender breasts, you, oh
my lord, who supports all the three worlds within you. This is not
considered as a feat by any one. Why to talk in different ways. Name and
fame comes only through great deeds done in previous births". - mun seidha
thavap payanE.

This is similar to aaNdaal calling "koththalar poonkuzhal nappinnai
kongaimEl vaiththukkidantha malar maarbaa vaai thiravaai"- please speak.

Enjoy the sweet sportive envy mother rukmiNi puts across to the supreme lord
husband, when they are together. Would it have happened? 

Bhakthaas enjoy krishna in different angles. Even a cursory reading of such
verses make the heartthrob in that sugam of enjoying the lord- kaNNanai
ninainthu manam kasinthu kaNNeer uga nanainthaalum oru sugamE. Oh! krishna
krishna! Sonnaal naa inikkudhu, manak kaNNaal kaNdaal kaN soRiyudhu
aanandhak kaNNeer, manam kaNNanudan aikkiyam aagiradhu. Oh krishnaa

Dhaasan vasudevan M.G.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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