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From: suderson (
Date: Fri Aug 17 2001 - 08:09:22 PDT

Thanx swAmin. As you say, it is high time we had
brushed aside the differences and live as rAmAnujadAsa
The great divya kshEtra of mElkote is an excellent
example of peaceful coexistence of the ubhaya kalais.
--- wrote:
> Dear bhaktas,
> I do agree with Sri Suderson Swamy's opinion about
> the rift going on 
> in Kanchipuram. But I don't agree on one point that
> the elephant has 
> been killed in view of this. It is a baseless charge
> since I happened 
> to be there in Kanchipuram when the elephant was
> alive. This 
> difference of opinion have not been started now.
> This had been there 
> for quite a long time when great scholars from both
> sects were alive. 
> Despite the quarrels among the ubayakalayars, to the
> best of my 
> knowledge I have never find a divyadesam so far in
> which emperuman 
> hears Divya Prabandam and Vedam to this extent. The
> Vacha Kainkaryam 
> peformed by both kalayars without any monetary
> benefits is really 
> appreciable. Definitely we need to think in terms of
> improving the 
> sampradayam and finding out the solution to put a
> fullstop for the 
> rift/quarrels instead of talking ill of the persons
> and feeling bad 
> out the same. Devadhirajan Himself bears this with
> His Sowlabyam, 
> then why should we need to worry about it. Excuse me
> if I am wrong 
> and feel free to correct me.
> adiyen srIvaishnava dAsan
> SampathkumAr

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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