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From: suderson (
Date: Fri Aug 17 2001 - 07:45:31 PDT

Anantha pranamams to all.
Dear Sri Ravindran swamin,
I am also as perplexed as anybody could be regarding
the origin of the Kalai differences. Some light into
that as I have gathered are shared here. This will not
give a clear conclution instead would pool in more
1. Once Sriman U Ve Kanchi MahAswAmin P B
AnnagarAchArya in a upanyasam on "DvayArtham"
commented that SwAmi rAmAnuja did not compose a book
on rhasyatrayam. If that had been done, this
sampradAya bhEdam would not have arisen at all, Which
is very true.Though as rAmAnuja sampradAya
srivaishnavAs, all of us treat the rahasyatrayam as
the most revered mantrOpadEsam, there is prominent
difference in the vEdantic interpretation of Dvayam. 
2. Bhattar's ashtaslOki seems to be the first book,
but it is very concise and leaves room for
interpretation in both the ways of vadakalai as well
as thenkalai.
3. Another remarkable aspect is the absence of any
reference to "another kalai" or " the other kalai" or
"avargal" in any of the works / literature till about
300 years or even later. This was pointed out by some
bhAgavatha of the bhakthi groups in a recent mail.
Hence the difference has been spoken only in the
recent past.
4. It is also said that the panchasamskarAra has come
to practice only later since none of the epics like
rAmAyana or BhAratha mention of this. Also the
VaikAnasa Agama is older and the vaikAnasa Vaishnavas
do not go thru panchasamskAra. This may lead to a view
that VaikAnasa parampara is ancient and the oldest.
Incidently we find the VaikAnasa vaishnavas sport
Vadakalai thiruman. Can ths lead to a conclusion that
vadakalai is the oldest?

Leaving all these aside, it is most important that we
all live as srivaishnava and live in perfect amity
because for all of us nithya kaikarya prApti is the
ultimate desire and we all seek the same thru an
Acharyan. The very first few soothras of mumukshuppadi
in the thirumantraprakaranam tells us these,
"chEtanargal thangalaiyum Iswaranayum marandu, Iswara
kainkaryathai iZhandu, izhandom endra izhavu
indrikke....." and "mantrattilum, mantrtthukkulIdAna
rAmAnujAya namaha.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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