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Re: rangapriyam mamagurum SaraNam prapadye-IV

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Aug 17 2001 - 06:16:53 PDT

At 09:06 PM 8/16/01 -0500, you wrote:
>SrI SrInivAsa varadArya krupAtta cinham
>SrI SrInivAsa yativarya niviShta bhAram  |
>SrI rangayogi varalabdha parAtma yogam
>rangapriyam mamagurum SaraNam prapadye   ||
>Dear bhaktas:
>Srirangapriya swAmi's vaatsalyam is immense.

Dear Srinatha Daasan:

Thanks for a wonderfully moving description of your
crossing the most impotant mile stone in BhUlOka Vaasam :
Your SamAsrayaNam and BharanyAsam at the sacred feet of
the noble AchAryan , HH Sri RangapriyA Swamy. 

That day was a blessed day. You have to celebrate that day
every year and at the same time think of the greatest blessings
that has come both of your way thru the grace of Your dear AchAryan.

There is nothing to fear anymore and nothing to worry either(NyAsa
Dasakam ).

You have now performed Desika SaakshikA Prapathti ( The BharanyAsam
that happens by the upadEsam of a SadAchAryan: AchArya Nishtai).

We have to reflect on the SlOkam of Swamy Desikan's
Sri SaraNAgathi Deepikai from here on:

SwAmi DayA Jalanidhir-Madhura: KshamAvAn
SeelAdhika: Srithavasa: SuchirthyudhAra
yEthAni haathum anaghO na kilArhasi Thvam
VikhyAthimanthi BirudhAni mayA sahaiva
--52nd slOkam , Sri SaraNAgathi Deepikai

(Meaning): Oh Deepa PrakAsa ! Oh The Lord of the place of 
my birth ! The people of the world and the AchAryAs praise
You as One with many earned titles. Those are: One who is
Sarva Seshi with all the ChEthanams and AchEthanams as His property ,
the Ocean of Mercy , One who is delectable to reflect upon
and enjoy, One who forgives even the lowliest of trespasses,
One who is  sarva Sulabhan for even the lowliest one ,
One who is Bhaktha Paaratantryan , One who does nort expect 
anything in return and has Kruthaj~nathi for the littelest of 
offerings , the most geenrous One , who is never satisfied
with the level of His anugrahams to His devotees, One who
is totally devoid of any blemishes (hEyam). Oh Lord !If You of
such anantha kalyAna GuNams abandon me now , You would 
suffer the loss of all these Titles conferred on You 
by my AchAryAs! Please have compassion for me and thus
protect all of Your magnificient titles!

Sri SaraNAgathi Deepai has such treasures and we 
have to reflect on them and seek our own AchAryan's
and other AchAryan's blessings to lead a Satthvic life
filled with Kaimkarya Sri.

Namo NaarAyaNAya !

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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