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Re: Remembering our Lord during final moments..

From: K. Sadananda (
Date: Thu Aug 16 2001 - 09:07:55 PDT

Shree Mani Varadarajan wrote:

>K. Sadananda writes:
>  > antakaalecha maam eva smaran muuktvaa kalebaram
>>  yaH prayaati sa madbhaavam yaati naastya samshayaH||
>>  in referring to the last moments before death - if one thinks of me
>>  they reach me, the parabrahman.  The key words in both sloka-s -
>>  antakalepi - the 'api' and antakalecha - 'cha' need to be emphasized.
>>  Essentially it points to the fact that 'even' if one thinks of me in
>  > the last moments one reaches me.  By emphasizing the word 'even', it
>>  stresses as a sufficient condition and not as a necessary
>>  condition.
>Dear Sri Sadananda,
At first glance your interpretation sounds plausible.
However, the deep study of the text done by Sri Ramanuja
and in turn Sri Vedanta Desika have led them on very good
grounds to a different conclusion. After studying these
great scholars' commentaries, I am sure you will agree
that your interpretation must be discarded in favor of
>Sri Ramanuja's.


>So, those of us who have sought refuge in the lotus feet
>of Bhagavaan Sriman Narayana need not worry about how
>we will be able to remember Him in our final thoughts.
>He Himself will show Himself to us at that time and guide
>us along the shining path to moksha.
>aDiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan

Thanks Mani for providing the beautiful analysis of the achaarya-s.

 From what I gather from your input,  achaarya-s seem to state as a 
necessary condition but the necessary condition is fulfilled by the 
Lord for those who have surrendered at His feet.  If one examines 
carefully my previous post in total, the implication is exactly that. 
The prior samskara-s are essentially to propel one to have that last 
thought and as I mentioned that the samskara-s determine the 
direction for the last thought.  The sufficient condition is 
automatically fulfilled by prior necessary conditions!   Seeking 
refuse is part of one's samskaara.

   But if one looks very carefully surrenderance and having worry are 
contradiction in terms.  Those who have worries have not surrendered 
yet.   From my understanding true surrenderance (underline true) 
occurs only once.  Till then one is only trying to surrender - it is 
like sleep - one who is trying to sleep has not slept yet and for the 
one who has slept all trying has ceased.  I agree that those who 
truely surrendered, Lord will take care of everything - and that is 
the essence of charama slokam too.

Personally I did not find any disparity in terms of what aachaarya-s 
said versus what I wrote, only presented differently.  If there is I 
will be happy to know.

Hari Om!

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