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Re: Requesting info About Ghostipuram
Date: Wed Aug 15 2001 - 17:41:38 PDT

SrImathE Gopaladesika mahadesikaya namah:
Dear Sri Satakopan Swamin,

Thanks for writing about the ThirukkOttoyoor Swamy. His names is also Sri
SowmyaNarayana Swamy, named after
the PerumAL of ThirukkOttoyoor Divya Desam.

Just a related incident of Swamy for us to enjoy his glory and attempt to
emulate too:

ThirukkOttoyoor Swamy (as you mentioned) was born 122 years ago. He is
about 40 years older my asmadhAcharyan
H.H. Srimad Andavan Sri PaRavakkOttai Swamy Gopaladesika Mahadesikan.

When asmadhAcharyan was about 20 years old studying at Tirupati,
ThirukkOttiyoor Swamy also was there (60 years of age)
Whenever asmadhAchAryan saw him, he used to prostrate at His Feet,
performing dhaNdavath praNAmams..
Being a True Srivaishnava, ThirukkOttoyoor Swamy used to perform
prathivandhanam (prostrating at the feet of asmadhAcharyan who was 40 years

Who can do like that?
Will any of us do?
Only such great exalted souls will do..

What a quality of Swamy! This, not only highlights the greatness of
ThirukkOttioyoor Swamy's quality, also it glorifies asmadhAchAryan's
greatness, as
he was admired by such Great AchAryas at that age of 20.. due to his
anushtAnam, jnAnam and vairAgyam..

It is told later asmadhAchAryan never used to prostrate in the front.. He
always used to do facing this AchArya behind the pillar or some wall (in
order to avoid embarassment of prathivandhanam)

When time permits adiyEn will send the biography of ThirukkOttoyoor Swamy
for our enjoyment..
Narayana Narayana
adiyEn Narayana dAsan madhavakkannan
Sri Satakopan Swami wrote:
Dear Sri Kadambi:
GhOshtipuram is indeed one of the 108 dhivya dEsams
in the Paandya Naadu . It is also called ThirukkOttiyUr.
ThirukkOttiyUr Nampi lived there and AchArya RaamAnujA made
18 trips there from Srirangam to get ManthrArtha UpadEsam .

PerumAL there is Soumya NaarAyaNan . There are other sannidhis
as well .

Modern day GOshtipuram Swamy was born 122 years ago and was
a contemproary of InjimEttu Azhagiya Singar and PutthankOttakam
Swamy. GhOshtipuram Swamy's Saasthra Jn~Anam and pravachanam sakthis
were legendary . Dr.S.M.S Chari , who is now in California performed
under GhOshtipuram Swamy.

There is a lot more information available about Goshtipuram Swamy.


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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