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Vedas and upanishads- Principles and points

From: Vinod Parthasarathy (
Date: Tue Aug 14 2001 - 09:44:34 PDT

Dear fellow Bhaktas:

I have recently engrossed myself into the study of the primary source of 
inspiration to the human self, the Vedas. I would be extremely pleased if 
somebody could point me in the right direction to what the actual sacrifices 
mentioned in the Vedas mean , for example agnihotra, somayaga, sattra and 
isti...Also i was told that the Vedas details one on the rituals to be 
followed during a funeral. I would be grateful to know if an article exists 
that would explain these procedures and it significance in english as i find 
it beyond my ignorant mind to explain to myself the significance of the 
procedures followed during a funeral rite.

The upanishads proclaim that all vedas point to one single truth. Is it 
justifiable of the upanishads to make a comment like this on something as 
exhaustive as the Vedas. If it is justifiable what is this single truth that 
the Vedas point out? I would be extremely appreciative of any replies and 
also extremely grateful for the same. Please pardon my ignorance.

Ramanujan thiruvadigale saranam


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