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MangaaLya Stavam

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Aug 13 2001 - 14:53:10 PDT

Dear BhakthAs :

A good friend , who has supported number of
Kaimkaryams before asked me this question.
I though t the topic would be of wide interest to
lot of BhakthAs . Hence I am copying the lists. 

>Dear Shri Sadagopan
>Please accept my humble obeisances.
>I was listening to Shri Mukkur Lakshmi Narasimhachar's
>Kuari Ondrum Illyai Govinda on cassette. In the
>discourse he mentions about "Mangalyam Stava in Vishnu
>Dharma" and emphasises the need for reciting this
>I was wondering whether you would be able to help
>me in getting this sloka.

MangaLya Sthavam is part of VishNu DharmOttharam IthihAsam.
It is found there in the 43rd Chapter.I thas been recited 
and quoted by AchArya SaarvabhoiumAs like ParAsara Bhattar ,
Swamy Desikan and others .It is customary to recite this slOkam 
for kaarya Siddhi and removal of all amangalams (Inauspiciousness)
including bad dreams ( dhussvapnams)and anishtams . This is a prayer to
Lord VishNu for ever increasing MangaLams .The slOkAs of
Pulasthyar end with the refrain: (MamAsthu MangaLya vivrutthayE
Hari:) .

It contains 50 slOkams .It is set as a conversation between
ThAlbhya Rishi and Pulasthya Rishi. Former asks two questions and 
Pulasthyar responds with a response constituted by 48 SlOkams.
Recitation of this precious sthOthram reminds one of the Paratattvam
of the Lord Sriman NaarAyaNan .It acknowledges that This Supreme
Lord is responsible for the Creation-Sustenance and destrcution
of the Universes and celebrates the many avathArams of His
( VarAha , Narasimha , Vaamana , HayagrIva , Raama , KrishNa
avathArams)to bless the chEthanams.

For young women , recitation of this sthOthram is rcognized 
to result in marriage to a good husband (Soumangalyathvam), 
and all anishta nivrutthi. 

More thamn  all these abhIshta Phalam s, there are deeper
structures in meaning in this MangaLa ShtOthram .

Sri VisishtAdhvaitha PrachariNi SabhA has reelased few 
years back a small pamphlet on this SthOthram with 
Tamil translations by Srirangam M.S.RajagOpAlAcchAr 
Swamy . It may be still avialbale there , if it is not 
out of print now.

I will quote and comment on one or two slOkams
in the future.

Sri ApAmaarjana SthOthram is another sthOthram
from Vishnu DharmOttharam , which is fit for
daily paarAyanam for sakala KshEmams.


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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