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Veda Class (Pancha Sookathams & Pancha Shanti) - Every Monday 8:30PM CST.

From: Pattangi (
Date: Mon Aug 13 2001 - 11:37:57 PDT

srimathE rAmAnujAya namaha:

For those serious about learning to chant Vedas  
(Pancha Sookathams & Pancha Shanti)

VEDICS bring to you Veda Santhai Class every Monday Evening 8:30 PM CST.
Santhai by VEDICs.
Swara and Akshara corrections by Ramakrishna Swami (Columbus, OH Temple Priest)

Goal: For the average householder and children to learn basic Veda Mantras 
(With proper Swaras & Aksharas)

Santhai Details -  Purusha Sooktam 
Every Monday 8:30PMCST to 9:30CST (Starting August 20th) 
Conference number: 1-405-244-5555
Access code: 1533# (Please enter # after the 4 digit number) 
Students are expected to use a speaker phone to chant & tape this class and use
it every morning till the next Veda class. (Monday 8:30PM CST)

Prerequisite for this class: All students are required to perform
SandhyaVandanam (3 times a day)

We hope to get Purusha Sooktam committed to memory in September with proper

This is a very good opportunity for all get started with a "commitment" (& get
the Swara & Akshara correct)
Please find english text at:
Sanskrit:  Please get your copy with swaras (We are still working on getting a
good copy on the web)
Those interested please send mail to with the Subject:
Veda Class interest.
AzhwAr emberumAnAr Jeeyar thiruvadigalE saranam

adiyEn rAmAnujA dAsan
Mukundan Vankipuram Pattangi

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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