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Re: Remembering our Lord during final moments..
Date: Mon Aug 13 2001 - 09:18:06 PDT

Sri Venkata Gurave Nama:

Dear Sriram,

One of the 6 instructions (6 Vishayams) Emberumanar got from Thriukachi
Nambi is "Anthimasmirthi Varjanam".
i.e. One need not worry about 'Remembering the Lord just before Death'

This is true esp for those who have done Prapatti. I would give you 2
pramanams form our Poorvacharyas anubhavams.

1. In Varaha Sarama Slokam, Lord clearly states that one who  surrenders
to him when his senses are functioning, for such a person when he is on
the death bed like a wood, having no senses, Devi, I would remember him
and grant him deliverance.

This is assurance is given by  none other than Lord Varaha. As Swami
Parasara Bhattar  states, Varaha Permuman is  the most dependable and
reliable person and his assurance is more reliable than all other
assurances given by Lord during his various incarnations.

2. Again I discuss the Life of Swami Peria Nambi. When he was about to
die, His daughter suggested that he be immediately taken to Srirangam as
his Anthisma desai is approaching. He snuffed at her and said, 'If I
choose to run to Srirangam to die so that I get Moksham certainly, then
the future generations would think that only  a stay or visit to a
divyadesam would grant moksham and not Prapatti to Lord or association of
one towards his acharyan.
I on the strength of my association to Swami Alavandar would get  my

Now it may be clear that one need have to remember him for Mosksham. But
still you may have a question as to why then  Lord should insists  In
Bhagavat Gita that 'One who remembers me  immediately before his death,
would be rescued by me'....
This dharma(samaniya dharma) is applicable to those who follow Bhakthi
Yoga and not for prapannas who surrenders to him at the instance of our

Infact Swami Ramanuja also had the same doubt what you are having,, that
made him to go to Thirukachi Nambi and ask for answers...


KM Narayanan

"Sriram Ranganathan" <> on 08/12/2001 04:45:14 PM


Subject:  Remembering our Lord during final moments..

Dear Members,

According to our sampradAya, Sri Ramanuja just before proceeding to
Srirangam stayed in Kanchi and learnt Divya Prabhandam. During this
he was enlightened by none other than Sri VaradarAja Perumal, Himself, via
Thirukacchi Nambi, regarding several important questions that later formed
the basis for his wonderful philosophy.

Among the questions that were answered one was that, it is not necessary
the part of a departing soul to remember Him (during the final moments).

Yet, we find almost all our Acharyas who followed Sri Ramanuja (including
even us-common folks) routinely praying that they/we should be able to
remember Him when the end comes. This is understandable for obvious
but why is the *repeated emphasis* when Sri Ramanuja had already clarified
that it is not required so.

Thanks in advance for clarifications.


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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