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Re: KurEsar's Sri VaradarAja Sthavam :Part XIX--> SlOkam 8

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Aug 12 2001 - 19:20:38 PDT

SrimathE raamAnujAya nama:

Dear Sri VaradarAja BhakthAs:

In this Eighth slOkma , KurEsar reminds us of
the power of the sacred hill, Hasthigiri,which
makes it easy for all of us to come close to
the Lord and bless us with the darsana SoubhAgyam .
The Eighth SlOkam containing these thoughts is :

NyAya tarka Muni mukhya BhAshithai:
  sOdhithai: saha kaTanjana Thrayee
jOshayEth Harim anmahasO JanAn
  HasthidhAma Sakalam Janam Svayam 

(Meaning): Vedams are strenously researched by SadAchAryAs 
and VidvAns to reveal their essence , Sriman NaarAyaNamn.
Other approaches in comprehending the Isvaran and His Tatthvams
are by travelling on the slippery slopes of NyAya Saasthrams
( Poorva MeemAmsam and Utthara MeemAmsam ) , Tarka Saasthrams 
and the SadupadEsams of great sages like VyAsar , ParAsarar
et al. The people of this world assist themselves through 
one or more of the above approaches of our MahA PurushAs 
and Saasthrams with great effort , get rid of their sins and 
become eligible to have the experience of the Lord and appreciation
of the Isvara Tatthvams. While people follow these ardous
tasks in their search for the Lord , this Sacred Hill of
Hasthigiri by itself makes it possible for all people
to have the Darsana SoubhAgyam of the Anantha KalyANa GuNa 
Poornan, Lord VaradarAjan , effortlessly.

SrivatsAnkAcchAr's VyAkhyAnam
Only people with deep intellect can comprehend that 
the Supreme Being is Sriman NaarAyaNan with the help of
Vedams. They need the help of groups of true NyAyam rules
(Samyang-nyAya KalApam )instead of the NyAyams with false
premises ( apanyAyams).The apanyAyam will dump them into
the ditches of ignorance . Alternativelly , the quintissence 
of VedAs can be understood  by the right kind of Tarka arguments
or by the insightful words of Jn~Anam blessed by great sages
like Manu , VyAsA , ParAsarA.Even with all these help,
those with jealousy and ego can not succeed in their efforts 
to grasp the essence of Para-Tatthva , Parama-Hitha , Parama-
PurushArtham doctrines. One neeeds the blessings of the glances of
the Lord at birth ( JaayamAna KatAksham ) and SadAchArya 
anugraham through upadEsam.Very few indeed are those , who are
blessed to come out of such searches and truly understand 
the Lord as the Parama-Purushan , the one and only Moksha-
Daayakan . Such a Bhakthi for the Lord arises after thousands of
births , completion of austerity , penance and meditation without 
let. Then , their paapams are destroyed and the Bhakthi for
KrishNan (Sriman NaarAyaNan ) shines like a rich flame :

JanmAnthara SahasrEshu TapO-dhyAna-SamAdhibhi:
NarANAm KshINa PaapAnAm KrishNE Bhakthi: PrajAyathE

While , a Mumkshu ( one  desirous of Moksham ) goes through
all these " impossible " efforts , the Sacred hill of Hasthigiri
makes it so easy for any one from children to the untutored
(AabhAla GOpAlam ) to have the comprehension of the Supreme Lord 
as The One , who is standing on top of it. It seems to invite 
all the people with every level of Jn~Anam and tell them :

" Here is Lord VaradarAjan ; He is the Supreme Being . There is
no One equal to Him or greater than Him . Please come and
have His darsana SoubhAgyam ". 

Hasthigiri seems to instruct these struggling people : 
" Saasthra Jn~Anam is very diffiuclt to master and 
leads to all kinds of difficulties because of 
the agitations of the mind. Listen to my instruction and 
comprehend the Lord and get yourself freed from all binding
KarmAs ( Saasthra Jn~Anam bahu klEsam buddhhE: chalana-kAraNAth,
upadEsAth Harim BhudhvA viramEth Sarvakarmasu)". 

(1)NyAyam approach and the dangers: Those who do not know how to
truly comprehend the dangers of apacchEdha NyAyam will end up
giving prominence to NishEdha Vaakyams ( prohibitive rules) 
and become objects of laughter. 

(2)Tarka Saasthram approach : NaaTa Muni defined through his
Sri Sookthi , NyAya Tatthvam , the way to use of Tarka Saasthram . 
Swamy Desikan built on it and showed us further the way to use
Tarka Saasthram in NyAya Parisuddhi .Speaking of the importance of
Tarkam to understand the Lord , Sage Manu says :

Aarsham DharmOpadEsam cha VedasAsthra-virOdhinA
yastarkENaanusandhatthE sa Dharmam Veda , nEthara

Sage Manu defines what is the true Jn~Anam and what is not .
The Instructions of Rishis without VirOdham to Vedam
becomes Dharmam , when laced with Tarkam . Others 
are not true dharmam. The importance of understanding
Vedic meanings with the help of its six angams is stressed by 
the following slOkam :

IthihAsa-PurANAbhyAm  Vedam samupabramhayEth
BhibhEhtYalpa-SruthAdh VedO Maamayam pratharishyathi 

(meaning): Vedam has to be understood properly with
UpabrahmaNams like IthihAsams and PurANams as well as
with Samyag-NyAsa-Tarakams and Niruktham of Yaaskar.
Those who imperfectly and superficially read VedAs 
will make the Vedams themselves tremble about what is 
happening to Them. 

(3)MeemAmsam approach : Jaimini's inner thoughts were revealed by
Swamy Desikan in his SEsvara MeemAmsA and MeemAmAmsa PaadhukA
and he has rejected in them the wrong intrepretations of 
Poorva MeemAmsakAs ( MeemAmsa PaadhukA is  aseries of 173
SlOkams instructing us to perform dharmA in accordance with
MeemAmsa Saasthram; SEsvara MeemAmsA proves that Sage Jaimini's
Poorva-MeemsA SoothrAs are not at variance with Sage VyAsA's
Uttara MeemAmsA (Brahma SoothrAs). Swamy Desikan provides 
conclusive proof to the fact that Jaimini accepted Isvaran 
as the Supreme Lord. He proved in this work that MeemAmsA is
a Unitive Saasthram /Eka Saasthram , which happens to be
organized into two parts as Poorva and Utthara MeemAmsam).
Those , who can not follow these truths will be deluded and
will not see the Lord with the help of studying MeemAmsa Saasthram.

BhagavAn in His Geethai (7.3) states the plight of those , 
who fail to comprehend His tatthvam this way , while 
acknowledging that there rare are those , who truly 
comprehend Him :

ManushyANAm SahasrEshu Kascchith yathathi siddhayE
YathathAmapi SidhAnAm KascchinmAm vEtthi Tatthvattha:

(Meaning): " Among Thousands of men , some one strives
for perfection; even among those who strive for perfection ,
some one only knows Me; and among those who know Me , 
a extremely small number of people know Me in reality,
as I am.

While People at all levels of knowledge struggle and 
often fail to understand the Lord and gain true knowledge 
about Him and His Svaroopam , Hasthigiri makes it so easy 
for every one to know that VaradarAjan is that Supreme Being
( ParamAthmA, Para Tatthvam ) . 

KurEsar instructs us therefore to seek the Hasthigiri itself
as our refuge .These thoughts are very similar to Swamy Desikan's
salutations to Thirumalai hills in DayA Sathakam and Swamy NammAzhwAr's
reverence to ThirumAlirumchOlai hills and their sanctity in 

Sri VaradarAja ParabrahmaNE Nama:
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan  

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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