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Re: question

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Sun Aug 12 2001 - 11:46:12 PDT

Dear Damodara,

You wrote:
> I would like to know what is the position of SRi
> Sudarshana?
> I have seen in many temples forms of Sri Sudarshana,
> sometimes with eight or sixteen hands. 
> Is He considered non-different then the Lord?
> Or is He considered Lord's associate or a particular
> specific aspect of His energy?
> Also what is the understanding of the form where Lord
> Narasimha and Sri Sudarshana are touching each others
> back (in one form)?
> And maybe in relation to that also - What is the
> meaning of Lord Narasimha in yoga position holding
> four Sudarshana cakras?

I forwarded your question to Sri Sri Rangapriya Swami
via Sri Bharat of Bangalore, a longtime associate of
Swami. Swami graciously dictated the following reply
to Sri Bharat:


Dear Mani
Thanks to you I learnt a lot of new things from Swami today.I give
below his dictation re your questions:

Sri Sudarsanar otherwise called SunAbha,SahasrAra,Tihiri,
ChakrattAzhwAn and TiruvAzhi- is the famous missile of
Lord MahAvishNu. When He does not use it against the
enemies it serves as an embellishment in His hand.
2. In our sacred literature it is considered as the following
(a)the Universal Principle of the Mind
   <chEtaS chakrati chEtanAsih amatis tat-samvrtir mAlikA>
(b) the Universal Principle of Time
    <YadAyattam jagachchakram kAla chakram cha SASvatam>
    <Ahur yasya swarUpam kshaNa-mukha-makhilam sUrayah
       kAlamEtam> (Sankara)
(c) the Will (Sankalpa) of the Supreme Lord
    <YEnAvyAhata-sankalpam vastu LakshmIdharam viduh>
                          (Sruta PrakASikA)
      i.e., both Sankalpa and SudarSana are amOgha (invincible)
3.He is worshipped with red colored flowers and red sandal
   paste.He is considered as having six (<shaDara-chakra pratishTita>)
  or 1000 blades (sahasrAra).
4.Ahirb. Samh. of Sri PAncharAtrAgama sometimes identifies him with
   the Supreme Purusha NArAyaNa Himself to emphasise his importance.
   He is worshipped in the divine form in the presence of Vishnu and
   gracing His hand and sometimes independently also- for removal of
   obstacles as well as for serving as a Guide leading to the presence
    of the Lord.
5.He is also worshipped in his incarnation called KArtavIryArjuna the
   king of MAhishmatI. (I'll write separately in detail about this)
   They are worshipped jointly each backing the other in the highest
   yoga state in the SahsrAra Chakra.This signifies that even the
   Sankalpa-Sakti needs the backing of the Lord and that the Lord's
   actions have His Sankalpa as the basis.Sri Narasimha is having
   Chakra in both hands showing that He can wield  both of them
   simultaneously with equal dexterity.This Form is an object of
   Yogic Vision.

Note: A book called SudarSana KatAksham has been published
 which is a collection of all his StOtras.It has an introduction by
 Swami.When I get it I'll send you the book or the details.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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