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Svami Emperumanar Thirunakshatram in 2017 AD

From: Venkat Iyengar S. (
Date: Sun Aug 12 2001 - 07:13:45 PDT

			SrImatyaI GodayaI Nama:
		       SrImatyaI Ramanujaya Nama:

Sri Satagopan svami mentioned about the celebrations for Acharya 
Ramanuja's 1000th Thirunakshatram in 2017 AD (16 years from now)
in a recent post

	Our generation would be  really very fortunate to be present when
these celebrations  take place.By that time we should try to evolve and 
put up a permanent mechanism in place by which regular poojai's as per the
respective aagamas are held in all the 106 Divya desams.There are still
many temples in chola nadu and kerala in a very bad condition(liasion with
authorities in kerala (with the local devoswom board/namboodaris) to
improve the reqd Divya Desams there;funding needed etc can be considered)
	Regarding DD's in Tamil Nadu we already know of efforts underway
to support and improve DD's(Ref:-Sri Varadhan's articles in july 2000)
These efforts have to be acceralated as there might be some temples still
to be covered.Most of the vada nadu desams are visited by
many in large numbers (with the possible execption of maybe Naimisaranyam
and devaprayagai)so they may not need much attention apart from the two
mentioned above     

It is very distressing to repeatedly learn that
vastrams are not available for perumal in some DD's;materials for
poojai and prasadam are not there in some etc.we should try to put
a permanent end! to this problem before Svami Emperumanar's 1000th

		Svami Emperumanar before shedding his mortal coil and
ascent to paramapadam,visited all the 106 Divya Desams and personally
regulated/corrected the procedures and saw to it that the Aradhanai to 
Emperuman was being conducted properly at all these places.Srivaishnavas
at that time did everything to protect and preserve the tradition in our
temples against the sustained attacks of  Invaders like Malik kafur.
These DD's are our priceless heritage -Azhwar perumayium padalum perra
We should all join together to make regular poojai possible in all
Divya desams permanently  before Svami's 1000th thirunakshatram.

Emperumanar Thiruvadigale Saranam
Venkat S Iyengar 

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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