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Re: Fw: A doubt on Peria Thirumozhi

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Sun Aug 12 2001 - 11:38:49 PDT

Dear Guna,

I forwarded your question to Sri Bharat of Bangalore,
a great rasika of Divya Prabandham who has studied
many of the pUrvAcArya commentaries at the feet of
Sri E.S. Bhuvarahachariar Swami (ESB). Here is his

 [ from Sri Bharat <> ] 

The "Ezhai Edalan" padigam and its gloss by Sri PVP are like
an ocean full of gems.Wherever you put in a hand you come
up with pearls.

However here are some basic thoughts based on comments
by Sri ESB from time to time.

Sri Tirumangai Azhwar began his outpouring with Tiruvengada-
mudaiyan and here shifted to Sriranganathan.And it is here that
he goes into great detail in detailing the Lord's Qualities or rather
the one basic differentiating Quality which not only explains ALL
His actions but also indicates why He alone is the Lord and not
the other Devatas.It is so basic and natural a quality that just as
Srirangam is simply called Koil and Sri Rama Perumal,it is called
Quality."Guna" Hence is the question "Who is GunavAn ?"
That Guna is SauSIlya- defined as <Mahato mandais saha
nIrandhrENa samSlEshah" - the Great mixing with lesser people
as one among them.

The Tamil word is even more exact- NIrmai- i.e., "NIrin tanmai"
the nature of water to become one with whatever it mixes.This
is the Lord's special copyrighted quality which no other devata
has.And His other qualities like unlimited SwAtantryam,JgAnam
Sakti,Poorthy support this Quality.Because He just does not lack
anything and nobody can stop Him from doing what He wants
and there is no one to find fault with him for His actions,He just
mingles like water with EVERY one without distinction.And
because He wants this quality to be known to everyone He
exhibits it in every possible way in His RAma-KrishNa AvatAras.
And in order to make the fact absolutely beyond dispute He
takes the Archa form- than which no one can go beyond to
prove this fact.

But does He succeed in achieving His object? No. Not while
we are around.We just treat Him as one of us and maybe even

Hence in this Padigam AzhwAr sits in front of Sri Ranganathan
and tells the world," Come.Look at this person who is innocently
inertly lying down here.Don't you realize He is the same person
who as Rama did that,as Krishna did this and so on."

When Sri EmbermAnAr went for the first time to TirukkOttiyUr in
search of Nambi he asked the people there to direct him to
his place.When they gave directions they were astonished to
see Sri EmberumAnAr prostrate himself in that direction.It was
then that they realized something of Nambi's greatness.Till
then they had considered him as just one of their own kind.
So it is with Sri Ranganatha and AzhwAr.

So it is with our own Archa Vigraha at our house.It is this
specific differentiating quality of NIrmai that He is constantly
exhibiting thru living in a corner of our house  and accepting
the bad with the good without complaint.It is His special
ability of being "ASrayaNIya" and "ASrita Paratantra"
simultaneously which we tend to forget and which we need
to remember and which this Padigam details so beautifully.

The points emphasised by both AzhwAr and Sri PVP are
that this NIrmai is natural to Him,and HE considers Himself
one of us even if WE don't think so,and if we attribute it
to His weakness and not strength WE are the losers.

Sri EmberumAnAr TiruvaDigaLE SaeraNam!

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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