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Re:time to give up milk even in India

From: Venkat Iyengar S. (
Date: Fri Aug 10 2001 - 06:23:46 PDT

Even now  Cows in India are held in great reverence in certain parts of
India notably Gujarat.In Kheda district of Gujarat (a large milk producing
centre) the people take great care of the cows. A vet to treat
a cow in a remote village would be easily available compared to a doctor.
The people themselves do everything to keep cows comfortable.Almost
everywhere in Gujarat one can find devout ladies  making the first
offering of their rotis for lunch to the cows which would be laced with
plenty of ghee.It is probably the only state where you have a seperate
minister for welfare of cows(i dont know the exact name for that).Many
Goshalas are there and new ones are being set up after the earthquake
	Also there are  frequent occassions when  ladies apply tilak
do  pradakshinam 3 times and offer something to the cow in Gujarat.In
Brindavanam and Mathura i have heard cows getting very good treatment.
Cows are treated well in many other parts of india.The cruel treatment
is confined only to a few states.Though the efforts of PeTA and other
organizations there is pressure on these groups but India being a
multicultural society  only slow progress is possible 

	Unfortunately with liberalization and a greater 'awareness' of 
the  tastes and habits of the west/eastern countries there has been a
surge in consumption of non vegetarian food in India . In tamilnadu i was
told there is now a new trend where some communinities that were avoiding
beef(though NV) have started consuming beef now.This is a sad development. 

	Even the so called decrease in consumption of beef in countries 
like US is probably doubtful with reports suggesting a marginal increase
(US is probably the world's largest market with a percapita consumption
of 72.6 pounds of beef with 36 million slaughter heads)
    All	Over the world a large population is involved and the Animal
Rights org's can make only a very small impact,but we have to
sustain the efforts and  carry on the campaign against cow slaughter.

venkat s iyengar 

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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