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Go Samrakshana

From: Ramakrishnan Kazhiyur-Mannar (
Date: Fri Aug 10 2001 - 08:44:51 PDT

Dear Members

Here is a posting that Sri. Rajaram Venkatramani made on Aug 31, 2000. 


Subject:  RE: ahimsA as a first principle -- still valid?

Dear members,

My best regards  are with Sri Mani Varadarajan for raising such an important
issue. The Lord is glorified as protector of cows and brahmanas. But it is
disgraceful for Him if cow slaughter takes place right under His nose inm
places like Sri Rangam. In Mayapur, coffee and tea are banned in shops as a
respect to Sri Caitanya. Why cant the government ban cow slaughter at least
in 108 divya desams ?

One  practical solution for the problem is as follows :

1. A lot of graze lands needs to be bough on the way to Kanchipuram at 2 - 3
lakhs per acre.
2. Experts in running dairy farm should be hired and ahimsa dairy farm
should be started.
3. The company/charitable trust should go for public funding through "250$
Go-Bond". There are many Gujarathi businessmen who would be willing to
invest a few lakhs for protecting cows. It also helps in tax planning. I
started but did not work out the numbers as people were hard to find.
"Go-Bond" will help in offsetting the losses due to protecting unhealthy and
old cows. Cows brought up like children with affection yield more than the
current day organic automatic vending machines.
4. Milk products can be sold to further subsist the dairy farm, expand etc.
5. Cows can be given to priests for their maintenance as well.

I discussed some initial numbers. But the key to success is finding
experienced dairy farm people. If there are some senior manager at aavin or
some other firm who is a sincere vaishnava sympathetic to this cause, it can

When my mother went to garland a cow recently it got scared and became
angry. She said that when she was young cows used to be friendlier and
affectionate. All the cows in the locality had names like Lakshmi,
Saraswati, Ganga etc., and were taken care of nicely by the owners and
others. But today, they are scared because int he subtle sense they have got
the fear of being slaughtered.

Yours humbly
Rajaram V.


A couple of points here - 

If anybody is ready to maintain a pinjrapol (go shala for dry cows - the ones 
that do not give milk anymore) or Go shala in any village, Kanchi Madam is 
ready to donate the land. This announcement was made HH Sri Jayendra 
Saraswati Swami in 2000. 

If we set up gobar gas plants in the villages with gobar coming from these 
goshalas/pinjra pols, we could provide villages with clean fuel. A lot of 
funding agencies in India and abroad are ready to fund such projects. We 
could request the farmers to send in their cows to these pinjrapols instead 
of sending them to slaughter in exchange. I am sure this would give good 


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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