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Re: A doubt on Periya Thirumozhi- an excellent PAsuram!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Aug 09 2001 - 18:47:32 PDT

SrImathE Gopaladesika Mahadesikaya namah:
Dearest Srivaishnavas,

Sri Guna Venkat asked a question on a very beautiful pAsuram of Thirumangai 
Adiyen have a small doubt in Peria Thirumozhi "Eelai Ethalan" pasuram of 
Thirumangai Alwar on Thiruvarangam in 9th verse  "Tulavanin Mudiarasar" ... 
I wish to know from erudite Scholors about the speciality of this Paasuram.

As I came to know that our great poorvachiyars Nanjeer, Nambillai had a 
immense love on this paasuram. I came to know that this paasuram will be 
recited during Thirumanjana Kattiyam in Srirangam .

Also I know that during Thai Ammavasai utsavam for Thirumangai Alwar, This 
is the paasuram for Thiruvarangam Mangalasasanam. If any one has not seen 
this Magalasasanam so far , dont fail to see it , its a wonderful one , no 
words to explain..
Alwar will be in Kaveri River in Allivilakam on Pallaku and does His 
Magalasasanams to Thiruvarangam and ThiruNaraiur.

Also I heard that this Pathigam is explaining the beauty of Peria Perumal's  
Thirumeni. Any explanation available in this reg.

Adiyen Ramnuja Dasan

Gunaseelan Venkatachary
Ph:408 588 6672

This is the pAsuram:

Ezhai Ethalan keezhmagan ennaa
thirangi maRRavaR kinnaruL suranthu
'maazhai maanmada nOkkiyun thOzhi;
umbi embi'en Rozhinthilai, uganthu
'thOzha Nneeyenak kingozhi' enRa
soRkaL vanthadi yEnmanath thirunthida,
aazhi vaNNa!nin adiyiNai yadainthEn
aNipo zhilthiru varangaththam maanE     (5.8.1)

A great pAsuram!
yEzhai- yEthalan- Keezhmagan- AzhwAr refers to Guhan..
Lord Ramachandran- hugged Guhan and said, "ninnudan aivarAnOm- with you, we 
have become five brothers..
What a quality! Sowseelyam! (ability to mix freely with those much below 
one's status and level)

Guhan- illiterate and immersed in sensual pursuits; always kills (being
a hunter); born in low caste; Still, You did not look down at him; You 
showered Your grace on him; and also said to him, further, -This darting, 
deer eyed  Seetha is your friend; this younger brother is your brother too"- 
  Not just that. He added that You are my friend; the fifth brother (in our 
(Kamban says "Guganodum ivaranOm.)

Such  a sowseelyam ! These words of Yours are ringing in my heart always. 
Hence I have a hope too. Oh merciful Lord! Sri Ranga swAmI! AdiyEn 
surrenders at Your Feet!

Thanks to SrI Guna Venkat for giving us an opportunity to enjoy this 
excellent pAsuram. Emperumaan Sriya: Pathi, Sri RanganAyikA SamEtha Sri 
Ranganathan's daya and kaaruNyam is immeasurable.

He is Sarvagnan- Omniscient; One who knows everything and abotu every being. 
He knows all our thoughts (however bad or wrong they
are! or how much ever we have tried to hide from others!) But He does not 
dislike us for that. He is waiting for us to come to His Lotus Feet. Once we 
surrender to Him: He (despite knowing all our follies and deceits /cunning 
thoughts)showers His affection. He does not look at our offering (the 
quantum of that). He is ParipooraNan; He does not need anything from us; 
Still, for a smallest step from us, He gets pleased and offers Himself to 

He is Sarva shakthan- Hence, He can grant what He pledges that He will do. 
His attributes and kalyANa guNAs are: Natural, unlimited, stupendous, 

GnAnam, Bhalam, Aishwaryam, Veeryam, sakthi, tEjas, such six qualities, 
sowseelyam(quality of mixing with the lower and inferior ones);
vAtsalyam; mArdhavam (unable to bear the separation from bhAgavathALs);
Arjavam(nErmai- honest); sowhArtham (thinking of good to others at all 
sAmyam (does not see the level); kAruNyam (pitying those who suffer);
mAdhuryam (being good and sweet to enemies, too);
ghAmbeeryam; AudhAryam(being "a kodai vaLLal"- Grants Himself to those who 
surrender to His Lotus Feet);
chAturyam( capability to change enemies into friends);
sthairyam(determination), dhairyam (being brave); sowryam( can fight alone 
in a battle);
parAkramam(ability to win effortlessly);
sathyakAmam(able to get what He desires);
sathyasankalpam(able to achieve what he thinks and attempts);
kruthagnathai (grateful; not forgetting anyone's good deeds, however 
smallest they may be like our small saraNAgathy);

Such qualities are flooded in our Lord!

Swamy Desikan says (in adaikkalappatthu):
umadhadigaL adaiginRen enRu oru kaal uraitthavarai....
thamadhu anaitthu avar thamakku vazhangiyum thaam miga viLangum..

Once one surrenders to His Feet, saying, "I have come to Your Feet.", He 
grants all His possessions to the prapannan.
The Lord is resplendent at the sight of the prapannan and blesses him to 
enjoy all of His wealth (Isvaryam) and looks at the prapannA with great 
compassion and reveals through the gesture of His Hand (as abhayam)that his 
one-time praaptthi alone is sufficient to enjoy all of that bliss.

Naturally AzhwArs and Acharyas have fallen for the Lord's such sowseelyam 
and sowlabhya kalyANa guNAs.
num kaliyan Kaliyanthaan!
ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadgaLE SaraNam
Sri RanganayikA samEtha Sri Ranganatha ParabrahmaNE Namah:
AzhwAr Emperumaanaar Desikan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Narayana Narayana

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