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Sri Mukkur Swamy's Trust
Date: Mon Aug 06 2001 - 10:13:49 PDT

Sri Mattapalli NaaTam PranathOsmi Nithyam Namaha

Dear Friends,

Salutations! adiyEn has uploaded two jpeg files in the
FILES/Swathy_Trust. This contains the earnest appeal to all asthikas
to contribute towards a noble cause. The appeal is self explanatory.

Please ask your daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, parents and
friends to contribute liberally. (If you have more than one son, treat
each of them as a separate family **only for this cause** and let each
family chip in magnanimously). Let them know it is not just a social
sampradAic obligation but also a  selfish desire to see  the yag~na
moorthy who has blessed us with 107+++ Swathi Maha Yag~nams in this
very kali yugam enjoying the same thiruvArAdhanam that Sri Mukkur
Swamy provided.

                Nidhi migundhavar pORkuvai thArEr
                Nidhi kuraindhavar kAsugaL thArEr
                adhuvumatRavar vAicchOl aruLEr
                AaNmayALar uzhaipai nalgEr

With Kindest Regards

Rajagopalan, Srinivasan

Ps: I shall send another mail regarding the upanyasam recordings of
Sri Mukkur Swamy ASAP.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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