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Two Magnificient Celebrations for Sri VaishNavite AchAryAs on August 18 at Pomona RanganAthA Temple and On Sep1-2 at Washington D.C area at RajdhAni Mandir , Chantilly , VA.

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Aug 09 2001 - 17:54:08 PDT

SrimathE RaamAnujAya Nama:

Dear BhakthAs :

All of you are invited to take part in two major events
in North America during August and September to celebrate 
the glories of our AchAryAs.

In the earlier two postings , adiyEn has described the reasons
why we as practioners of Bhagavann RaamAnuja sampradhAyam 
celebrate and revere our AchAryAs and their paramparai .

In this concluding note , adiyEn will provide additional
inputs on the need and necessity to express our gratefulness 
to our AchAryAs for what they have done for us with great
affection and caring .

adiyEn will also provide contact information for the two
celebrations on Aug 18 and Sep 1-2 respectively.Please plan
on attending and enjoying the company of fellow bhakthAs.

Our AchAryAs are the ground on which we build our lives.
Without them , we are nothing and our wanderings here and 
there on this earth has no meaning whatsoever. Blessed with 
the BhAgyam of SadAchArya KatAksham and anugrham , our lives 
become purposeful. In addition to reverence for our own direct
AchArya and His Paramparai , we are instructd by SaasthrAs 
to revere all Sri VaishNava AchAryAs belonging to the VaasudEva
Kudumbham. They are the ones , who have grown our knowledge of
True Tatthvams and the PurushArthams that we should focus on.
They perform their duties (aachaaryakathvam) through 
the performance of Pancha samskAram and Prapatthi.
That is why we hold their sacred feet on our heads 
with humility and reverence.

(1) manthrE tath dEvathAyAm cha 
    tathA manthrapradhE Gurou
    thrishu bhakthi: sadhA kaaryA 
    saa hi prathama Saadhanam 

(Meaning): The three primary steps for our
ujjeevanam ( uplift and survival) are :

(a)the devotion to the Manthrams such as AshtAksharam and Dhvayam 
(b)unfaltering reverence to one's AchAryan , who performed 
   the upadEsam of these powerful manthrams
(c)Dhruva ( steady ) Bhakthi for Sriman NaarAyaNan,
   who is the Para Devathai for these Manthrams .

Sustained and unfaltering devotion to the three manthrams ,
One's AchAryan and Sriman NaarAyanan should always be there
to realize success in our search for Moksham.

Our core belief is Mahaa VisvAsam to our own AchAryan
and His paramparai as indicated by this PramANam:

GururEva Param Brahma, GururEva Paraa Gathi
GururEva OarA VidhyA , GururEva ParAyanam
GuryrEva Para: KaamO , GururEva param Dhanam
YasmAth SadhupadEsAth asou , Tasmaath Gurutamo Guru:

(Meaning): AchAryan is Para Brahman (Supreme Being ).
He is the highest to be attained as Education ,Wealth,
the means for PurushArtham (life's ultimate golas)and
the essence of VedAs. AchAryan is the One , who instructed us 
on SadAchAram and sadAnushtAnam . Therefore , He has to be
worshipped by us with reverence at all times out of 
gratefulness (Kruthaj~nathai) for His irreplacable 
and grand help(MahOpakAram).

Our attitude towards our AchAryan has to be along 
the lines shown by  Swamy NadAdhUr AmmAL :

Acharyasya prasAdhEna mama SARVAM  abheepsitham
prApnuyAmithi yasyAsthi VISVAASA:  sa Sukhee bhavEth

(Meaning): The Sishyan , who has the unshakable faith
in his AchAryan's grace as THE CAUSE  for realizing 
ALL that he wishes for will be the most happy and
contented one.

Swamy Desikan molded his AchArya Bhakthi from the instructions
given by Swamy NadAdhUr AmmAL, His AchAryan's AchAryan :

archaneeyasaya vandhyasccha keerthanasya SARVAADHAA
dhyAyEth japEth namEth bhakthyA bhajEth abhyarchyEn MudhA

(meaning): AchArya Vandhanam , Japam of His Taniyan ,
Keerthanam of His auspicious attributes , dhyAnam with joy
should be performed by us always. We should seek His feet 
as succor as the UpAyam (means) for placing our AathmA ,
the BhagavAn's property , at the Lord's lotus feet as 
aathma nivEdhanam.

The noblest instruction given to us is:

Sareeram artham prANAmsccha SadhgurubhyO nivEdhayEth

(meaning); Everything--our body , wealth and even prANan
(life) should be placed at the sacred feet of our SadAchAryan,
who saves us from the terrors of SamsAram and helps us most
mercifully to reach the paramAm gathi ( ultimate way to
Sri Vaikuntam).

All Sri VaishNava AchAryAs in general and one's own
AchAryan in particular has to be revered along the above
lines. Let us therefore celebrate our AchAryAs, who have
nothing but our KshEmam in their minds ALWAYS , prepare us
for a state of fitness for arpaNam of our jeevan to Sriya: Pathi. 


(1)August 18 , 2001: Founder's day  Celebration at
the Lord RanganAthA Temple , Pomona , NY .On this day ,
the celebration will be for HH SrivaikutavAsi , 44th Pattam
Srimath Azhhagia Singar ( HH MukkUr Azhagia Singar) , 
the MahAthmA , who helped to build the Sothern Gopuram for 
Lord RanganAthA at Srirangam . It was under His command that
the Pomona Sri RanganAthA Temple was constructd and consecrated.

The web site for the Temple is :

It will be  a  celebration starting from 8AM to 2 PM.
Sri Sookthis form this great AchAryan will be recited
and there will be a Thirumanjanam for this AchAryan 
in front of Lord RanganAthan .

(2) September 1-2 at RajdhAni Mandir, Chantilly , VA

The details on the celebration for the AchAryAs are 
at the web site:

One of the following three BhakthAs can be contacted 
for information relating to your plans for particpation
in this two day long conference:

a) Srimathi Vimala Rajajai ( 301-545-0122)
b) Srimathi Malathy Dileepan ( 423-877-9860)
c) Sriman B.Jagannathan (703-222-7601).

Please enjoy these sathsangams ,

Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan 


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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