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Re: KurEsar's Sri VaradarAja Sthavam :Part XVII--> SlOkam 6

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Aug 08 2001 - 15:12:54 PDT

Dear Sri varadarAja BhakthAs :

adiyEn will cover the sixth slOkam of Sri VaradarAja Stavam
in this posting:

"yEsha Isa ithi nirNayam thrayI 
   bhAgadhEya-rahithEshu nO dhisEth
 HasthidhAmani na nirNayathE kO
   DevarAjam Ayam Isvarasthivathi "

In the previous slOkam , Kuresar instructed us that it
is much easier to ascend the Hasthigiri to comprehend 
the Lord as SarvEswaran instead of laboring through 
the study of Upanishads to understand His SarvEsvara Tatthvam.
In this slOkam , KurEsar assures us that there will be
no doubt for anyone , who has the SevAbhAgyam of Lord
VaradarAjan at Hasthigiri to recognize Him as THE ParamAthmA .
The sevai of Him even once there would dispell all doubts
about His SarvalOka SaraNyathvam ( being the object of 
refuge for all the worlds ).

KurEsar points out that VedAs might help a few 
comprehend the nature of the Supreme Being , but will not
help even them understand that Sriman NaarAyaNan is
that Supreme Being and all the other dEvathAs are 
bound by their karmAs ( Karma Vasyars) and do not 
have the power to the supreme boon of Moksham .
The VedAs do not lead them to conclude decisively
that other dEvathAs are not appropriate to approach for
Moksham . One needs AchArya anugraham and poorva janma
sukrutham to belong to the path of Naatha-Yaamuna -
RaamAnuja paramparai to become the bhaagyasAlis 
to understand and follow the SaraNAgathi route as 
a Mumukshu .These BhAgyasAlis are described by AzhwAr 
as " BhAgyamEndhip-Paran adiyAr " according to 
Sri VatsAngAcchAr Swamy. KurEsar describes those ,
who do not have this good fortune as " BhAgadhEya-
RahithA:" in this slOkam . Studies of Vedam and 
Upanishads do not help these unfortunate ones to
conclude clearly that Sriman NaarAyaNan is that
Supreme Being . On the otherhand , those who are
blessed to have the SevA-BhAgyam of the Lord on top of
the Hasthigiri , there is no doubt about understanding
this ArchAmoorthy with the ThirunAmam of VaradarAjan
( The greatest boon-giving Lord ) as that Supreme Being ,
Sriman NaarAyaNan . These blessed ones comprehend readily
this is the Lord , who is the Lord of all Lords , who alone
can grant Moksha Phalan to Mumukshus ( Those who covet Moksham).
>From simple ones to great scholars have no difficulty in
recognizing without doubt that VaradarAjan is that SarvEsvaran.

Those who study the VedAs (ThrayI) are not helped with the insight 
to recognize BhagavAn as the SarvEsvaran, Sriman NaarAyaNan .
Such people are unfortunate ones and Vedam does not give them
clear directions ( BhAgadhEya-rahithEshu , Yesha: Isa: ithi
nirNayam ThrayI na dhisathi ); On the other hand , those 
BhAgyasAlis blessed with the darsana soubhAgyam of the Lord 
on His Hasthigiri have no difficulty whatsoever in recognizing
Him  as the DevAdhi Raajan and SarvEsvaran. Kuresar asks :
" How can one fail to recognize the Hasthigiri NaaTan as 
the Parabrahmam ? ( HasthidhAmani thu DevarAjam Ayam Isvara:
ithi Ka: na nirNayEtha ?)" .

Sri VaradarAja ParabrahmaNE Nama:
Srimath azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE Saranam ,
Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan 

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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