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Alwar Stotram

From: Venkatesh Vankipuram (
Date: Wed Aug 08 2001 - 10:47:36 PDT

Hello Bhagavathas,
I had earlier posted a query on where to find Alwar
Stotrams online. I am actually looking for a stotra
which my father used to recite in India.
One stanza goes off like 
"Pallandu Pallandu Palaayirathu Aandu ,
Pala Kodi Noorayiram "

and then praises all the alwars. The language is
flowing, chaste tamil and very beautiful
I hope some one can help me in locating it online.
i tried looking at many Sri Vaishnavaite Sites but am
unable to locate the exact Stotram.
Thanking you all blessed souls,
Venkatesh Vankipuram

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