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kannanai ninainthaal sugam - post 2

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Wed Aug 08 2001 - 03:00:07 PDT

Dear Sri vaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

To think continuously (ninaiththal) on kaNNan or krishNan is sugam- comfort,
reprieve solace. If bhakthi is done on that maadhavan the result is mukthi-
mOksham. It strikes me now why elders tell us at the time going to sleep,
you must prey to maadhavan.

See the slokam
				Uththishtan chinthaya harim
				Vrahjan chinthaya kEsavam
				Bhunjan chinthaya gOvindham
				Swapan chinthaya maadhavam 
(taken from the big book on nithya karma anushtaana kramam by prakrutham
Srimadh azhagiya singer written in his poorva aasraamam)

				think on hari at the time of waking up
				think on kEsavan at the time of walking 
				think on gOvindhan at the time of eating
				think on maadhavan at the time of going to

Since every day sleeping and waking up is like death and rebirth, which is
also called nithya praLayam in srivaishNava parlance, to think on maadhavan
before going to sleep is very fitting. This will definitely lead to the
mOksham - mukthi, from the daily harsh happenings, thereby giving a good

URanguvadhu pOlum saakkaadu urangi
Vizhippadhu pOlum piRappu 
-	is the thirukkuRal which gives a meaning that "death is similar to
sleeping, and birth is similar to waking".

So before going to sleep, to think of maadhavan to get mukthi from nithya
praLayam is very apt. That is what OVS swamy also says in his krithi
referred in post 1. See how nicely puts it- mukthi tharum maadhavan- whether
this mukthi is interim mukthi or final is a point, which can be debated. But
there is no doubt that he is the person to give mukthi for all of us,
whether interim or final. Just for clarity sake OVS swami's lines again -
		Mun seidha thavap payanE 
		engaL mukthi tharum maadhavanai 
		bhakthi seyya kidaiththadhu -mun seidha.

See another krishna bhaktha who lived centuries before OVS swamy. Leela
sukhar- his slokam reads- 
YagnareejimahE dhanam dhadhimahE paathrEshu noonam vayam
Vrudhdhaan bhEjimahE thapaschakrumahE janmaantharE dhuscharam/
Yanasmaakamabhoodhananya sulabhaa bhakthir bhavEdhvEshiNee
ChaaNooradhvishi bhakthakalmashamushi srEya:pushi sreejushi// 
2-98 of krishNa karNaamrutham

Meaning: To get bhakthi on that krishna who
-	Killed the wrestler chaaNooran
-	Removes the sin/ blemishes of his dhaasars- servants
-	Gives welfare to his devotees
-	Gives wealth to his devotees
it is not only penance should have been done in the previous births by us
but also we should have 
-	Done Yagnaas and thereby worshipped him
-	Donated wealth to deserving people
-	Prostrated elders.

See how nicely leela sukhar puts the good deeds in previous births to get
the bhakthi on krishna. Now any doubt about this "mun seidha thavap payan".

Now let us see what happens if that kaNNan naamam is uttered by mouth due to
mun seidha thavap payan- Pallavi of krithi in raga kOkilapriya- 
		Sonna naa inikkudhu
		Sorga sugam pirakkudhu
		SOlaimalaikku arasan sundharan naamam thanai- sonna
-A krithi by Smt Ambujam krishna 
meaning: The tongue tasted (or became) sweet, the comfort of being in the
heaven is realised, when the name of that beautiful person named sundharan,
and king of the hill called Solaimalai.

CharanNam of this krithi-
		kaLLa vEsha emmaan bavani azhagaik kaNdu 
		uLLam vasam izhanthu udalum avanadhu enRu
		urigi urugi naamam uraiththidumpOdhinil - sonna naa
(first two lines of charaNam are not that much relevant to the context on
hand and hence not given)
meaning: When we see the beauty of his royal pageant of  that Lord who has
adorned the garb of a thief, the heart get melted, the body became totally
his, thus the total control was lost and his name alone remained on the
tongue, that tongue tasted sweet.

[May be my poor translation is not covering the heart throb of the poet and
the deep bhaavam it conveys when these lines are sung, but enjoy the tamil
to get full feelings- my heart just melts and tears roll in the eyes when I
draft this- is this the sorga sugam- oh bhakthaas you can vouch]
This krithi is on thirumaal irum chOlai sundharath thOludaiyaan- azhagan-
krishnaa- oh bhuvana sundhara [as addressed by rukmiNi]- kaLLa azhagan -
navaneetha chOran- krishNan for aaNdaaL, and gOvardhana giridhaari for
thirumangai aazhvaar. 

[Incidentally another krithi 'azhagaa azhagaa" in raaga thanyaasi made
famous by Dr.MLV and this krithi on thirumaal irum solai azhagan by Smt
Ambujam krishna are exemplary songs for their simple tamil and the depth in

Oh bhakthaas- you may ask me -you said you are going to cover gOvardhana
giri episode but now going around about azhagar. See aaNdaal- sOlaimalai
emperumaan thuvaraapathi emperuman aalin ilaip perumaan avan- 9-8
naachchiyaar thirumozhi -so solaimalai azhagan is kaNNan the dhvaarakai
king- he is also the same balakrishnan who was found as a child in the
banyan leaf at the mahapraLaya time. 

See his lines in 9-8-6 of periya thirumozhi- 
Thadankadal muganthu visumbidaip piLirath
Thadavaraik kaLiru enRu muninthu
Madankal ninRa thirumaal 
irum sOlai vaNangudhum vaa mada nenjE

Thadam kadal - the big ocean which has a big route and vastness
muganthu - water taken from the ocean 
visumbu idaip - in the sky 
piLirath- roaring - the clouds in the sky roaring at the heights
Thada varaik - the hill having a vastness
kaLiru enRu - elephant 
muninthu- having gone to the forefront - having lifted the hill
Madankal ninRa thirumaal - that thirumaal who stood strongly proving I will
not bow down to these threats of clouds when I am carrying this hill- such a
irum sOlai vaNangudhum - let me prey  that lord in that solai
vaa mada nenjE- hey my heart come .

combining- the roaring clouds took water from the big ocean, now stands in
the sky at the edges of sky and start pouring down the water they took in
ocean. To prevent the damage they cause, the thirumaal who stays in the
thirumaal irum solai has lifted the mountain saying I will not be cowed down
by your threats. Oh my heart start let us go to that solai and prey that
lord who lifted the hill.
Oh what a beautiful way of putting across. KaNNanaip paRRi sonna naa
inikkudhu. Let the sweetness stay in the tongue for some time.

Dhaasan Vasudevan M.G.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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