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Chola Nadu and Tonda Nadu Divya Desams Yathrai

From: shantha kumar (
Date: Tue Aug 07 2001 - 10:11:07 PDT

Sri Venkata Gurave Namaha:
Sri Mathe Ramanujaya Namaha:
Acharyan Tiruvadigale Saranam:

Dear members, this is my first mail in the group.

Adiyen joined the group just 2 days before
(24-07-2001) leaving to Chola Nadu and Tonda Nadu
Divya Desams Yathrai.

The Chola Nadu yathrai was conducted by Vasu Mama
(Vasudevan Triplicane fame). He scheduled only for
Chola Nadu divya desams. Self with brother Suresh
Kumar went to yathrai.  

We started from hyderabad on 26-07-2001 and reached
chennai on 27th morning.

Yathrai started on 27th July night at 11:00 pm from
Tiruvillikeni Parthasaradhi temple. Two buses were
arranged with almost 102 people to travel.


1. Morning we reached to Thiruvayindhirapuram at 4:00
am, had darsanam of dheyva naayakan perumal and
vaikuntha naayaki thayar at 7:00 am. Also had darsanam
of Haihagrivar perumal, which is very near on the top
of the hill. 

2. We started from Tiruvayindhirapuram at 9:00 am and
reached SriMushanam at 11:00 am, had darsanam of Boova
Raghava perumal (Swambhu Salagrama Murthi). 

3. Started from SriMushanam at 1:30 pm reached Kattu
Mannargudi by 2:30 pm the birthplace of Sri
Nathamunigal and Alavandar. Had very well darsanam of
Sri Veera Narayana Perumal and Maragadavalli thayar
also had bhagyam to see the Sevai of Yamunacharya 3rd
day tirunakshtra jayathi uthsavam. 

4. From Kattu Mannargudi we started at 4:50 pm and
reached Tiruchitrakootam (Chidambaram) at 5:30 pm had
darsanam of Sri Govindaraja Perumal very well. 

5. Started from Chidambaram at 6:30 pm and reached
Kaazhichseeraama Vinnagaram (Seerkkazzhi) at 7:10 pm
had darsanam of Sri Thiruvikraman perumal. From there
we went to Tiru vaali thriu nagari (birth place of
thirumangai azhwar). Night halt at thiru nagari.

It was one of the days to be remembered in my
lifetime. It was the day I visited 13 divya desams and
4 abhimana sthalams at a stretch. Here is the serial

6. Thaliachsanga naaNmathiyam : Had darsanam of Sri
Nanmadhiya perumal and chenkamalavalli thayar at 7:30
am. This divya desam is in very poor condition. Even
there is scarcity to do Tiruvaradanam on daily basis.
By the time we reached the temple it was closed, we
had to call archakar from his house. He is getting
salary of Rs. 32 /- only per month. Itís pending for
the past 2 years. Really I got tears in my eyes. All
of us contributed some liberal amount for the
maintenance of the temple also gave new vasthrams to
perumal and piraati.

7. Thiruppaarthan Palli : Had darsanam of Sri
Thaamaraiyaal Kelvan (Parthasaarathy) perumal and
thaamarai naachiyaar at 9:30 am.

8. Tiru Mangai Madam: Had darsanam of Sri Veera
Narashima Perumal at 11:00 am (One of the pancha
Narashima Kshetram, where Tirumangai Azhwar used to do
Tadhiyaradanai to 1008 Sri Vaishnavas)

9. Thirukkaavalampaadi : Had darsanam of Sri
Gopaalakrishnan and Madavaral mangai thaayaar at 11:30

10. Thiruchsempon sey: Location, Thiru Naangoor. Had
darsanam of Sri sembon rangar (Perarulaan) and
Allimaamalar naachiyaar at 12:15 pm.

11. Thiruvan Purushothamam: Had darsanam of Sri
Purushothaman and purushothama naayaki thayar at 1:00

12. Thiru Vaikundha Vinnagaram: Had darsanam of Sri
Vaigundha Naathan and Vaigundha valli thaayaar at 1:30

13. Thiru Manimaadam: Had darsanam of Sri Naaryanan
and pundarikavalli thaayaar at 1:50pm

14. Thiru Arimeya Vinnagaram: Had darsanam of Sri
Kudamaadukoothan(Gopalan) and amrutha kadavalli
thaayaar at 2:15 pm.

15. Thiru Tthetriyambalam: Had darsanam of Sri
Senganmall Ranaganadhar and Sengkamalavalli thaayaar
at 2:30 pm

16.Thiru Manikkoodam: Had darsanam of Sri Varadaraaja
Perumaal and Thirumaamagal naachiyaar at 4:00 pm.

17. Thiru Vellakkulam: Had darsanam of Sri Annan
Perumal (Srinivasa Perumal) and alarmel mangai
thaayaar at 3:45 pm.

18. Thiru Tthevanaarthogai: Had darsanam of Sri Theyva
naayagan and kadal magal naachiyaar at 5:00 pm.

19. Thirunagari: Had darsanam of Sri Lakshmi
Narashimar at 5:30 pm.

20. Thiru Uraiyur: Had darsanam of Sri Ugra Narashimar
perumal at 6:15 pm. From there went  to Veda Rajapuram
(place where Thirumangai Azhwar met Divya Dampathis
for the first time) It was a great experience to be at
the place. As soon we were about to get down from the
bus, suddenly it started raining heavily.. Now words
to explain.

21. Thiru vaali thiru nagari: Had darsanam of Sri
Azhagiya Singar (Vedarajan) and poornavalli
(amruthavalli) thaayaar at 7:45 pm.

22. Finally had an excellent darsanam of Thirumangai
Azhawar. I was not able to leave the sannadhi of
Azhwar for at least 10 mins. I was immersed seeing the
beauty of Thirumeni of Azhwar.


23. Morning had darsanam of Sri Yoga and Ugra
Narashimar in the temple premises of Narayana Perumal
(Tiruvaali Tirunagari) at 6:00 am

24. Thiru Indhaloor: Had darsanam of Sri Parimala
Ranganathan and Parimala Ranaga Naayaki thaayaar at
8:15 am. (Pancha Krishnaranya Kshetram)

25. Thiru Vazhundhoor: Had darsanam of Sri
Devadhirajan (Aamaruviyappan) and Sengkamalavalli
thaayaar at 9:30 am.

26. Thiruchsirupuliyoor: Had darsanam of Sri
Salasayana Perumaal (krupa samuththira) and Thiru
Maamagal Naachiyaar at 12:15 pm.

27. Thiru Kkannapuram: Had darsanam of Sri Souri
RaajaPerumal (Neelamegha Perumal) and Kannapura
Naayaki Thaayaar at 4:30 pm. (Pancha Krishnaranya

28. Thiru Kkannangudi: Had darsanam of Sri Loka
Naathan (dhamodara narayanan) and Loaka naayaki
(aravinda naayaki) thaayaar at 6:15 pm. (Pancha
Krishnaranya Kshetram)

29. Thiru Naagai: Had darsanam of Sri Neelamega
Perumaal (Soundarya Rajan) and Soundarya valli
thaayaar at 7:00 pm. 

30. Thiru Kkannamangai: Had darsanam of Sri
BakthaVathsala Perumal and Kannamangai Thaayaar at
8:15 pm. (Pancha Krishnaranya Kshetram)

Night halt at Mannar Gudi.


This is one more day I cannot forget in my life. It
was Ekadasi. I was fortunate to see many perumaalís
complete Thirumeni because of Thailabhishekam to
moolavar murthis. A very good day to begin with.

31. Thiru Vadoour: Had Vishwa roopa darsanam of Sri
Kodanda Rama with sacred white Cow at 7:15 am.
(Uthsavar murthis are so beautiful I was not willing
to move from there)

32. Thiru MannarGudi: Had darsanam of Sri Gopala
Krishnan and Shenbhagamalavalli thaayaar at 9:20 am.

33. Thiru Cherai: Had darsanam of Sri Saaranaatha
Perumal and Saranayaki Thaayaar at 11:15 pm during
moolavar Thyalabhishekam.

34. Thiru Naraiyoor: (Naacchiyaar Kovil) Had darsanam
of Sri Vanchulavalli Thayar  and Srinivasa Perumal at
11:50 am.

35. Thiru Vinnagar: Had an excellent darsanam of Sri
Oppiliyappan during moolavar Thirumanjan from 4:30 to
5:30 pm. No words to describe the experience and

36. Thiru Velliyangudi: Had darsanam of Sri Kolavilli
Ramar and Maragatha valli Thayar at 6:15 pm.

37. Thiru Kkudandhai: Again an excellent darsanam of
Sri Sarangapani Perumal (Uthsavar Thirumanjanam) at
8:00 pm. Since I know the Pradhana Bhattachariya Sri
Sudershan, it was a very good welcome to me. Very well
darsanam of Moolavar AaraVamudhan.

38. Thiru Chakrapani: Had darsanam of Sri Chakrapani
perumal at 8:50 pm.

39. Thiru Ramar Kovil: Had darsanam of Sri Ramar and
Sita Thaayaar in Pattabhishekam kolam at 9:10 pm.

Night halt at Kumbakonam.


40. Thiru Nandhipura Vinnagaram: Had darsanam of Sri
Naadha Naathan (Jagannathan) and Senbagavalli
Thaaayaar at 7:50 am.

41. Thiru Kkoodaloor: (Aadudhurai Perumal Kovil):
Before I begin, I should say that this divya desam is
the most poorest condition of all 106 divya desams. It
is such a state that the temple will be open only for
10 mins daily. The Bhattacharya has to come from 5 kms
away. There is no madapali all the walls got damaged.
Really I couldnít imagine a Divya desam to be like
this. The moolavar thiru namam is Vaiyangaatha Perumal
(Jagath Rakshagan) but there seems to be no Raksha for
perumal himself. We all cleaned the floors and donated
liberally for maintenance of the temple also gave New
Vasthrams to Perumal and Pirratti. Had darsanam at
10:10 am. Something has to be done seriously to
improve this temple.

42. Thiru Kavithalam: Similar to mentiond above. A
school is being run inside the temple premises. There
is no one to ask. Perumal Kannan is so elegant; I was
not willing to come back. Had darsanam of Gajendhra
Varadhan and Ramaaamanavalli Thaayaar at 11:30 am.

43. Thiru Madangudi: Had darsnam of  Thondaradipodi
Azhwar, the birthplace of Azhwar at 12:00 noon. (It is
in very remote place)

44. Thiru Ppullam Boothangudi: Had darsanam of Sri
Valvil Raman and Porraamariyaal Thaayaar at 1:15 pm.

45. Thiru Aadhanoor: Had darsanam of Sri Aandalakku
Maiyan (Azhakiya Manavalan) and Paarkkavi Thaayaar at
2:00 pm.

46. Thiru Thanjai MaamaniKovil: Had darsanam of Sri
Neelamegha perumal & Sengkamalavalli Thaayaar, Sri
Manikkunra Perumal & Ambuja Valli Thaayaar, Sri
Narashimar & Thanchai Naayaki Thaayaar from 6:15 to
7:15 pm.

47. Thiru Kkandiyoor: Had darsanam of Sri Harasaaba
Vimosana Perumal and Kamalavalli Naachiyaar Thaayaar
at 7:30 pm.

48. Thirupper Nagar: (Koviladi) Had darsanam of Sri
Appakkudatthaan and Indhiraa Devi Thaayaar at 8:40 pm.

Night halt at Srirangam.


49. Thirukkozhi : Had darsanam of Sri Azhigiya
Manavaala Perumaal and Kamalavalli naachiyaar at 7:30

50. Thiru Anbil: Had darsanam of Sri Vadivazhagiya
nimbi (Sundhara Raajan) and Azhagiyavalli Thaayaar at
9:00 am.

51. Thiru Vellarai: Had darsanam of Sri PundareGakshan
and Senbagavalli Thaayaar at 11:00 am.

52. Thiru Gunaseelam: Had darsanam of Sri Prasanna
Venkateshwarar Swami at 12:15 pm.

53. Thiru Kkarambanoor: (Uthamar Kovil) Had darsanam
of Sri Purushothaman and Poornavalli Thaayaar at 1:00

54. Thiruvarangam: The final destination of any
SriVaishnavan. Had very well darsanam of Namm
Perumaal, Thaayaar Sri Ranaga Naayaki, Udaivar and
Chakarthalwar from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm.

Started from Srirangam at 6:30 pm and reached Chennai
at 2:30 am (3rd morning).
The Yathrai was really experiencing. All 96 bhagavatas
were very co-operative. Self and brother were among
the youngest in tour. Food and accommodation was
arranged very well. 

Night I stayed at Triplicane in my relatives place.


55. Thiru Allikeni: Had darsanam of Sri Parthasaradhy
perumal during Thirumanjanam from 9:30 am to 11:30 pm.

56. Thiruvallor: Had darsanam of Sri Veera Raghava
Perumaal and Kanakavalli Thayar at 5:30 pm.

Night stay at  Arakkonam in my relatives place.


Morning performed Aavani Avitam at Ramar Temple at

Afternoon all our relative members arranged a Van to
go Thonda Nadu divya desams. We started from Arakkonam
at 3:00 pm.

57. Kooram: Had darsanam of Sri Koorathalwan at 4:00

58. Thiruppathu Kuzhi: Had darsanam of Sri Vijaya
Raghava perumal and Margadavalli Thaayaar at 4:40 pm.

59. Thiru Nilathingal Thundam: Had darsanam of Sri
Nilathingal Thudataan at 6:00 pm.

60. Thiru Ppadagam: Had darsanam of Sri Pandava
Dhootaperumaal at 6:20 pm.

61. Thiru Kkalvanoor: Had darsanam of Perumal Sri
Aadhivaraha Perumal at 6:35 pm

62. Thiru ooragam: Had darsanam of Sri Ulagalandha
perumal and amudhavalli thaayaar at 6:50 to 7:30 pm

63. Thiru neeragam: Had darsanam of Sri Neeragathan
and neelamangai valli Thaayaar

64. Thiru kkaaragam: Had darsanam of Sri Kkaaragathan
and padmaamani naachiyaar 

65. Thiru kkaarvaanam: Had darsanam of Sri Kalvar and
Kamalavalli Thaayaar.

66. thirupacha vaNNam: Had darsanam of Sri Pacchavanan
perumal at 7:45 pm.

By the time all other temples were closed. So we
directly went to Sri Deva Perumal kovil, it was
fortunate for us to have Garuda sevai of perumaal
(Gajendra Moksham)

67. Thiru kkacchi: Had darsanam of Sri Varadharaja
Prumal and Perundhevi Thaayaar from 8:00 pm to 9:30

Night back to Arakkonam.


Morning after doing Gayathri Japam self and brother
Suresh started from Arakkonam at 8:00 am to complete
all other divya desams in two wheeler.

68. Thiru Ashtabuja karam: Had darsanam of Sri Aadhi
Kesava perumal and Alarmel mangai Thaayaar at 9:00 am.

69. Thiru veqkaa: Had darsanam of Sri Yathothkari
perumal and komallavalli thaayaar at 9:30 am. Also
Avathara sthalam of Pey Azhwar.

70. Thiru vELukkai: Had darsanam of Sri Azhigiya
Singar and amrutha valli thaayaar at 10:00 am.

71. Thiru Tthankaa: Had darsanam of Sri Deeparakshakar
and Maragadavalli thaayaar at 10:30 pm.

72. Thiru PpavaLavaNNam: Had darsanam of Sri
Pavalavnnar and Pavlavalli thaayar at 10:50 am.

73. Thiru pparamEcchura viNNagaram: Had darsanam of
Sri Paramapadha Naadhan and Vaikunkta valli Thaayaar
at 11:30 am.

Back to Arakkonam at 12:20 pm.

Started from Chennai evening train and back to
Hyderabad yesterday (06-08-2001) morning.

I had covered more than 73 temples from 27th July to
5th August. Never imagined to be possible. There are
so many experiences to share but a single mail is not

This is the shortest way I could write, otherwise to
write briefly about every Divya Desam and Soulabhyam
of perumaal individually is indeed a great bliss.

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan,

Shantha Kumar Kazhiyur Mannar.

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