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kaNNanai ninainthal sugam - post 1

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Fri Aug 03 2001 - 03:51:19 PDT

Dear Sri vaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

For a man, just to turn to think on God is difficult. (without considering
the time duration but the number of occasions). Then, to think continuously
for some time (here the condition of time duration applies) during a "day"
or "night" is more difficult for a man, amidst the hot pursuit of material
comforts [?] in this world. 

Continuously thinking about kaNNan or krishNan is a very difficult task
then. That too, when we hear or have hearsay knowledge about so many gods
and goddesses who offer solace and comfort so easily, this difficulty to
think of kaNNan becomes insurmountable. These gods and goddesses, as stated
by bhakthaas of them, grant them so easily, this varam or that gift or
fulfillment or that much money [in lottery? Or crorepathi programme? or
material comforts [?]}. 

These gods and goddesses are also offered a basket full of praise, by these
bhakthaas for such fast boons or results like varam tharum-----. With such
"easy to appease methods" suggested by their respective pujaaris and
concurred by the bhakthaas also, it has become easy and better, for these
go-getters, to part with some money and achieve the results than doing all
that difficult thinking on krishna, meditating, dhyaanam on krishna, raama

Nowadays another serious medley is also running in the market, asking you to
wear this colour "stone" or that "gem" with or without gold/ silver/ copper
base. That wearing alone, on your body, will fetch you all that luck, grant
the desired fruits, without actually doing any serious thing. [Perhaps that
wearing may cause some allergy or irritation is another side of the story].

Then why to think of the supreme God krishna? Or do that difficult
meditation, naama japam or dhyaanam on that krishna. 

Now See the answer given by Sri Ooththukkadu venkata subbu iyer in the
Krithi "mun seidha thavap payanE" in raaga "boopaaLam". 

It is a "sugam"- comfort to think on krishna- "Ninainthaalum oru sugamE".
CharaNam of the krithi-
ninaiththaalum oru sugamE - 
ninainthu ninainthu ninainthu manam kasinthu 
kaNNeer uga nanainthaalum oru sugamE"
meaning: To think of that kaNNan - krishnan- kuttik kaNNan- kuzhandhaik
kaNNan- gOpaalan- is a solace- comfort- satisfaction- relief. Thinking on
krishna- repeatedly thinking on krishna- Continuously thinking on kaNNan,
even if you start shedding tears while others are gazing at you with a
different look on you, then also it is a solace. Then to get drenched in
that "tear rain" it is further more comfort, happiness. 

Perhaps a translation and words may not describe this "sugam". Oh bhakthaas,
You practice a little- kaNNanidam konjam koncha vEnum -make it, then feel
that sugam. Realise what that sugam is - then your desire will grow to have
more kaNNanai ninaiththal sugam.

Another charaNam- 
agamuRa veLLaanai Eri madham kuRaiya 
adiyavar kodu poosanai azhiyavum 
thagum ena vantha maamazhaith 
thadukka malai sumanthu 
aruL mazhaip pozhinthu ninRadhai - ninainthu

agam- garvam- ego
uRa- valimai peRa- hardening (raising of ego by indhran - or hardening of
the stand that I am big and I only deserve the pooja by these people of

veLLaanai- veLLai yaanai- white elephant- iraavatham- [who has that white
elephant as his vehicle- that king dhEvEndhran - the lord of clouds-
veLLaanai - veLLam undu paNNak koodiya mazhai mEgak koottangaLai udaiyavanai
- one who can create floods in an area by sending clouds in flocks
adiyavar kodu poosanai azhiyavum- the servants when they started offering
pooja to the gOvardhana hill, the pooja deserves to be disturbed- with that
idea the clouds are sent by that indhran

thagum ena vantha maamazhai- it is worth to disturb this pooja to the hill
as suggested by krishna - and that is why the torrential rain by indhran.
thadukka malai sumanthu- to prevent that rain from disturbing that pooja, he
that child krishna lifted the hill 
aruL mazhai pozhinthu ninRadhai- instead of watery rain, it is grace rain
poured on bhakthaas by krishna- that standing with the hill lifted on the
small child's fingers- 
kaNNan ninRadhai- ninainthaalum oru sugamE.

Think about that blackish, cloud coloured child holding the hill in the
finger to prevent rain from destroying the pooja to the hill- whose grace
rain is more powerful than that king indhran's watery rain- that thinking
itself- oh bhakthaas- it is a sugam - enjoy that solace.

If this thinking comes as a regular practice, then it can be called as
meditation on krishNa or naama japam or krishna dhyaanam. This japam- is it
not a "comfort" joy in itself? 

But is it easily attainable? Or does it require a pre-qualification? Then
only you can do it?
This question again is nicely answered by same author ooththukkadu venkata
subbu iyer. See his lines- 

Mun seidha thavap payanE 
engaL mukthi tharum maadhavanai 
bhakthi seyya kidaiththadhu -mun seidha

We will have more on this in next post.

Dhaasan Vasudevan M.G.

PS: I thought of sharing with you, all, the sweetness in the "govardhana
giri" episode of my krishna in the light of periyaazhvaar paasurams and a
beginning is made now with OVS Iyer swamy krithi.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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