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Re: regarding SatamarShaNa and his tanians

From: K. Sadananda (
Date: Thu Aug 02 2001 - 03:03:21 PDT

Shree Jairam,

Thanks for providing interesting information about ShaTamaharshhaNa gotra.

I know you mentioned  our family in the list.  Actually Puttaparthi 
Trimala, Nagasamudram Tirumala, Bukkapatnam Tirumala, Kuntimadhi 
Tirumala, ballari Tirumala- Most of them are cousins and as I know 
are from VaDahalai sampradaayam.  'Saraswati Putra', Puttaparti 
Narayana Char, the famous Telugu poet is from this puTTaparthi 
Tirumala family.  Ballari Raghavachar hails from the same linage. 
Most of them dropped the tirumala once they settled in different 
parts of Anantapur District.  Lineage to Tirumala Nambi is one 
connection.  It is also mentioned that Tirumala toTachaarya, the guru 
of ShreeKrishnadevaraya is from the same lineage.  Most of them 
belong to parakaala Mutt.

My father had collected information upto my 9th great great great 
grand father.  In fact, he inserted this family tree in his poetry at 
the end of the text  'Indiraa vanadanam' - sloka-s on Mahalakshmi. 
In fact he passed on to us to publish yet unpublished work of this 
great grand father on 'Shree stuti'. It is a great classic literary 
work of 130 slokas in talapatra-s that my father discovered in an 
attic of Nagasamudram Tirumalai family.  The sloka-s are full with 
alakarara-s . My father had revised it filling in several missing 
words and lines due to damage of the talapatra-s by insects and 
writing a brief commentary on it.  We are yet to publish that.   This 
Great grand father was settled in Tirumalai and called himself - 
vr^ishagiri Narasimhachar - vR^ishagiri standing for Tirumala hills.

It is a news to me that there are tengalai families in the 
ShaTamaharshhaNa gootra.

Hari Om!

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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