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Re:Upakarma, rites, rituals etc

From: Malolan Cadambi (
Date: Fri Aug 03 2001 - 15:52:56 PDT

In response to Pradeep's opinions:

> So I just went on to mail what I read from an authentic
> translation, 
> co-related and cross-verified from other sources...that's all. 
> There's no personal opinion here. 

To elucidate more, many people are little aware of the fact that when
tudying the prasthana trayam or any other work for that matter, a
sadhaka has to undergo a RIGOUROUS study of the various
angAs.Traditionally, a study of samskrutham used to take 12 years.

Only when the Sadhaka is competent enough to understand the nuances
of the Angas, he goes upon to Understand the various vakyams of the

I said it once and will repeat again, "a mere translation" can have
many effects, the literal meaning of "tat tvam asi" would be
untenable to many schools of vedanta.

I mentioned the example of Appyya Dikshita, it is apt enough to place
the importance of grammar when it comes to understanding the sruthi.

A mere translation/transliteration is not enough. One word can have
numerous meanings, not just one or two. A samAsa is a compound word
which when split can give a different meaning from the original word.

> One of the responsed accused that I belong to come clan and that my
> counterparts ( i dont know who) make claims that Hinduism
> originated 
> from Christianity. Well when I say that "bharatha varsha" is the
> main 
> karma-bhoomi and that some say that even Jesus came there to get 
> could that be "interpreted" as hinduism follows 
> christianity ? That was not my claim anywhere.

While some people started claiming that the Taj Mahal was infact a
Shiva Temple, I was not surprised when the same people started
claiming that Jesus was enlighted under the himalayas.

If Jesus was enlightened in the himalayas, why would christianity
oppose idol worship?It is interesting to note that pictures of other
gods are idols and it is a sin to worship them, but pictures of jesus
or the virgin mary is divine in nature. What an example of hypocracy!

Similarly, the same people (except this time on the other side of the
Atlantic can be found making claims that Hubble is wrong and Hinduism
Originated From Chrisitanity)

> And about the "trivikrama" avatar where the author of that response
> claims that Lord's foot touched the entire world and not just 
> the 'bhaaratha-varsh". Ofcourse "yes". 

Conclusion: The whole earth should be considered punya bhoomi because
she was blessed during Trivikrama Avataram.

> But I think even Vyaasa knows about that right...and so does Suka
> who 
> tells the Bhagavatham!!! Infact it is a charithram that is well 
> discussed in the Bhagavatham. Its not something that was discovered
> recently by someone in "Uncle Sam"'s country!!! But Sri Suka still 
> maintains that 'BharathaVarsha' is a Karma-Bhoomi in the same
> purana.

Did'nt we just see you write in the previous mail that BharathaVarsha
is alone the punya-bhoomi?

> This Bhaagavatham is the essence of reading all the vedas. When 
> Vyaasa still felt unhappiness after doing such great works, Narada 
> asked him to write the glories of the lord in a way that would 
> instill bhakti in the minds of those who read it. That's what is
> the 
> Bhagavatam.

For your information, Every Work other than the Vedas are considered
only secondary to the Vedas. Even the Brahma Sootrams and Bhagavad
Giitam are considered as Srmuthi.

Srimad Bhagavatam is not in contradiction to the Vedas, only the
successive understanding of different hierophants, authors and
readers are in contradiction to the Sruthi Vakyams.

Srimad Bhagavatam cannot preach indifferent from the Sruthi! What is
required is a synchronised understanding at every level.

> Why does one need all the rituals and yagnas which only give us 
> meritorius enjoyments like heaven at best? And these rites and 
> rituals that involve agnihotrams seem to have so many restrictions 
> about where they should be performed (place, time, varshas, etc.) 

There is no restriction of place time and varsha, it is just mere
laziness which creates the so called "restrictions"!!!!

"Aalasyam hee manushyanaam shariirasya mahAn ripu:"
"Laziness is the greatest enemy of man"

> But Bhakti to Lord, reading his pastimes, reciting his glories
> (which 
> is the essence of the Bhagavatam) can take us straight to him. That
> Bhakti can be done from anywhere on the earth. It is the simplest
> and 
> like a nuclear missile in this age which liberates much faster.
> Naama 
> Sankirthanam is the most advocated method for Kali. 

Agreed. But Bhakti Yogam is very difficult even in this Kali Yugam.
The Superhighway to moksham is Sharanaagati. Read Saranagati Gadyam
of Bhagavad Ramanujar.

> to discuss about bhakti, leelais of the lord, his glory than 
> discussing the correct procedure for rituals, when where how to 
> perform them and whether they should be performed at all in some 
> places etc. 

Performance of Nitya Karmas is one of the required angas of
Panchasamskaaram and Bharanyaasam. Please note that this list is
devoted to discussion of Bhagavad Ramanujar siddantham and how
ramanujar expounded Bhakti and SharanAgati.



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