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Lighter Side of my UpAkarma
Date: Fri Aug 03 2001 - 07:07:48 PDT

Dear Sri Srivaishnavas,

First of All I would like to thank All the learned members for 
providing all the necessary guidance and especially Sri Mani 
Varadarajan for providing a very good step by step procedure for 
performing Upakarma.

With great enthusiasm adiYen woke up very early in the morning and 
finished all the shoucha-snanam and enjoyed performing the  usual 
nitya karmamams in the early hours.Keeping the step-by-step procedure 
printout on the lap, adiYen performed the Upakarma vidhis and then 
chanted sooktams and Stotrams and finished with Naivedyam and 

After finishing everything beaming with satisfaction and pride when 
Adiyen stood in front of the mirror , could not control laughter!!!
Guess what!!!

AdiYen's Pavitram was still sticking on the right ear!!!!!

May be Adiyen kept it on the ear while performing Achamanam in the 
end and totally forgot after that!!

Adiyen was sure that the Divya Dampathis along with all the rishis 
and devathas would also have laughed and laughed looking at this poor 

But Adiyen's conscience consoled!! If not through real Bhakti, at 
least through this stupid act Adiyen made the Divya dampathis happy..

Sri Acharya padarenu
Suresh Srinivasamurthy

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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