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Thooppul maNdapam

From: Diwakar Kannan (
Date: Fri Aug 03 2001 - 06:37:31 PDT

Dear bhAgavathAs

Sri Madhavakannan is pouring his heart and soul writing about our dear
swAmi dEsikan to raise funds for thoopul maNdapam. swAmi dEsikan's
contribution to our  sampradAyam is immenese let it be AhAra niyamanam
or magnum opus rahasyatraya sAram or scholarly satadUsaNi.  swAmi has
blessed us with numerous SrI sookthis which would take ever for us to
even study once.  (kAlakshEpam)

Is it not our turn to atleast build this mandapam in his avathAra 
sthalam. I request bhagavathas to join this kainkaryam in large
numbers. Say for eg. even if we donate $50 the amount is miniscule when
compared to what we spend on cable tv, phone, eat outs or commissions
for few stock trades.  But this will go a long way in completing this

I would like to reflect upon Sri Vairagya Panchagam

"nAsthi pithrArjitham kimchith na mayA kimchithArjitham"

swAmi says neither he inherited any wealth nor he has earned wealth and
the only wealth he is aware of is Hasthigireesan.

This was supposed to be a reply to a childhood friend who repeatedly 
invited swAmi dEsikan to king's court to sing in praise of the king. 
swAmi disregarded the wealth he would have gotten from the king,
because wealth distracts one from bhagavath kainkaryam.

Though in this material world we cannot say I do not need any wealth, 
atleast we can say that we have some money which can be donated to
these kainkaryams.

Do you think it is too much to build a mandapam for our dear swAmi who 
taught us 

"mAm madheeyam cha nikilam chEthanAchEthanAthmakam
svakaimkaryOpakaraNam Varadha sveekuru svayam"

For a moment just imagine yourself sitting in the maNdapam listening to
the upanyAsam of the present day AchAryas.  Doesn't it give a great

(Check for AchAryas SrImukham)

Pl. spread the word to your friends and relatives who may not be aware 
of the  kainkaryam but ready to contribute.

Lord dEvAdhirAjan would be too eager to see the completion of the
mandapam for swAmi dEsikan.

kavi tArkika simhAya kalyANa guNa sAlinE
srimatE vEnkatesAya vEdAnta guravE namaha

namO nArAyaNA

Sri Laskshminarasimhan/Sri Madhvakannan

Following are the contributions from bhagavathas outside these email
forums for which I have the checks. 

1. Sri Raghu Rengachari, CA       $51
2. Sri Sriraman NC, NY            $50
3. Sri Venkatesh Krishnaswamy,CA  $50

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