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Re:Upakarma, rites, rituals etc

From: Malolan Cadambi (
Date: Thu Aug 02 2001 - 20:36:22 PDT

>>If we go back even further in time when the label
>>"bharatha kandam" might have been coined for
>>these "rituals" South India might just be on
>>the periphery of the classical "bharatha kande".

>okay. I actually went to the Saranagathi Journal and read the 
>chapters that mentioned about Space (earth and other regions) and

>I also happen to have the translation from Sanskrit-English
word->word of Srimad-Bhagavatham along with the "Moolam". I mean to
say >this translation is not like a summary of a chapter or summary
of a 
>Skandha where one gives his/her own bhaashyam and a meaning. It is a

>word-word, sentence-sentence translation.

Vaykaranam (Grammar) does not prove the validity of a  statement. The
vyakaranam is but an angam used to proving a statement but is not the
entire proof itself. By the way for you information, there is
something called SamAsa in Vyakarana. Panini Maharishi states that
samAsa is "samas-tasya padasya vivaranam......"

One word can have multiple meanings. Similarly when one word is split
according to the samasa it houses lots of meanings. Appaya Dikishita
proved that All nAmAs of the Vishu Sahasranamam connote Shiva expcept
the nAma "Narayana". So as you can see, Vyakarana is only an anga
used in vakyanams, it is not the entire proof itself.

>The rest of the varshas he mentions as "Bhoga-Bhoomis"
>Nonetheless there the people also might perform rites and rituals as

>they wish. There people are supposed to enjoy a lot of worldly-bliss

>etc. There is detailed description of all the enjoyments also. 

The Mahasankalpam performed before the aarambhan of almost every
ritual/karmam includes:
the entire universe, the sapta lokas and narrowing down to the
Bharata Varsha and then to the final place.In the process, the rivers
that flow, the crops that grow in these areas, the forests ,
important towns  and the temples that are there are listed.

I don't think it would be wise to exclude Uncle Sam's country from
the list :-) (Namely North America)

>Now, of the 18 puranas the Bhagavatham is considered to be part of 
>the 6-Satvic puranas and among them the most authentic and the 
>greatest. Sri Krishna himself has said that he is the Bhagavatham 
>itself to Uddhava and Vidura before the end of his avatar. ("Srimad 
>Bhagavatham Swayam Harir-evah")

>So there's no doubt about its authenticity

No matter how high/famous a purana is, if it at any time contradicts
the sruthi, then either

1.) The Understanding of the Purana is not correct
2.) It has to be synchronised with the sruthi
3.) The purana is rejected.

>Infact there's now a lot of debate about Jesus' visit to India
>his missing 16-17 years and he meeting the great saints of Himalayas

>and other religious areas of Bharatha-Varsha.

This is the biggest story I have heard since ages. Maybe the person
who came up with this story would win an Oscar or best joke of the
year award.

It is no surprise to me the some of your counterparts in the bible
belt of south USA claim that Hinduism originated from Christianity.

This reminds me of the "Koopa Manduka" Story. Koopa Manduka means
frog in the well. I am sure I do not have to be explicit here.

>Whatever may be God's is his nirnayam that "bharatha-
>varsha" is the undoubted punya-bhoomi and the karma-bhoomi 

The same god during the avataram of Trivikrama placed his foot on
earth thus making the entire earth a punya bhoomi not just india



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