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Re: Ranganatha Panchakam
Date: Thu Aug 02 2001 - 18:59:01 PDT

Dear Sri Narayanan Veeraraghavan,

In full accordance with your name (Veeraraghavan), you have paid your
obeisance and shown
your devotion to Lord SrI Ranganathan. Swamy Desikan said ,"thOlAdha thani
veeran thozhudha koil".
He is Lord Rama's Kula deivam, kula NAtham.. Yamunacharya declares, in
SthOthra Rathnam too as Kula dhanam and Kula dhaivam..

Sri Ramanuja asserts in Gadyatrayam.. mamakula nAtham, mama kula

He is Our Kula nAThan' Our Kula dhanam. Our Kula Deivam.

His Beauty is indescribable in words. ayyO! ivan azhagenna azhiyaa
azhagudaiyaan.(says Kambar on Lord Rama).
He is never perishable Beauty personified. (This is on Lord Rama). Lord
Rama Himself is captivated by
Lord Rangan's Beautiful ThirumEni.

asmadhAchAryan SrI PaRavaakkOttai Andavan in his upanyasam mentioned this:

When Rama was performing ThiruvArAdhanam to Lord Ranganathan, SitA PiraaTTi
accompanies him doing kaimkaryams..
Her already large beautiful, well laid out, ruddy lined shining eyes,
opened wider in admiration.. (Valmeeki addresses her at this stage as
"visAlAkshi.." (wide eyed..)

Why wide eyd now? Because, She looks at Rama. So Charming. So Divinely
Beautiful. Embodiment of Beauty..and then her eyes shift to the Lord whom
Sri Rama is worshipping. wow! He is grander, more beautiful, more divine!
more charming!

Wait a minute. Rama looked as an Ultimate Beauty personified. How come Lord
Rangan looks so now!
She again goes back to Rama's ThirumEni and His enjoyment of
ThiruvArAdhanam. She could not believe. There appears to be a competition
between the Two.. Her eyes open wider in admiration of BOTH..

ThoNdaradippodi AzhwAr for no reason says.."icchuvai thavira yaan pOi indra
lOkam ALum acchuvai peRinum vENdEn. Aranga maa nagaruLaanE! Oh Lord
Ranganatha of Srirangam! (or Pomona!) Leaving this taste of enjoying Your
ThirumEni, even if granted to rule the Paramapadham, I do not want that.
(Because Enjoying Him at Paramapadham is like going from one airconditioned
hall to the other hall. While enjoying Him at Srirangam is like going
underneath a Huge Banyan tree for a cool shadow after being in a scorching
Heat of samsaaric afflictions. Which is more enjoyable and more relieving!
(veyyilil iruppavanukkuthaan nizhal arumai theiryum.).

AzhwAr also tells:

kudathisai mudiyai vaitthu guNathisai paadham neetti
vadthisai pinbu kaatti then thisai lankai nOkki
kadal niRak kadavuL enthai arvaNait thuyilumaa kaNdu
udal enakku urugumaalO? en seyghEn ulagatthIrE?

What a sweet Pasuram! The Lord Ranganathan- who has His Thirumudi in the
West; Thiruvadi towards East;
back facing North and the Eyes looking to South (lankA)..(as assured to Sri
VisbhIshaNAzhwAn) is of Blue hued Ocean coloured, Divinely Beautiful Form.
Oh! My body is melting.. what can I do, oh wordly people!

AzhwAr says: Not just my heart melts looking at the Beautiful Divya mangaL
vigraham of Lord Rangan. Also my Body is melting. I am not able to stand.
(That is why there are huge pillars at the sannidhi says-
KulasekharAzhwAr). He addresses the world (us).. What can I do? tell me.

Question: why does he address us (world)? why not Nithasooris, or the Lord
Himself.. Perhaps, they can give soultion to AzhwAr's problem. Not us.
Then, why should he address us..


We simply go into the sannidhi, look at the Lord.. (thinking of our own
worries, whom to cheat, how to make faster buck.. how to avoid this.. how
to get that promotion.. how to anti campaign aganist the colleague who is
in a better position to get elevated in the office.. is all what we could
think of, when dIpArAdhanai is shown..) and come out completely unaffected
by the Lord's ThirumEni azhaghu..

AzhwAr is simply stunned at our (no) reaction. That is why he asks us: Tell
me world! How are you able to maintain composure looking at Such a Beauty!
Hats off to you all!

(as read in archives from Sri Vijay Triplicane's Post quoting vyAkhyAna
chakravartthi- Sri Periyavacchaan Pillai's vyakhyanam- Thanks Sri Vijay)

Pat yourselves on the back for being unhurt by the Lord's Beuaty!

Sri RanganayikA samEtha Sri Ranganatha ParabrahmaNE Namah:

Narayana Narayana
Arangan ThirumuRRatthu adiyaarkku dAsan

You wrote:

For the first time in adiyen's life, adiyen was able
to visualize the beauty and greatness of perumaal's
Bhujanga Sayanam by hearing these verses. Adiyen would
request everyone to hear it thinking that we are very
nearer to Sri Ranganathar and visualize in mind, the
geratness of his Bhujanga Sayanam at Sri Rangam.

"Sundaram Anantha Sayanam"

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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