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Re: Important note about observing Yajur Upakarma

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Date: Wed Aug 01 2001 - 19:05:44 PDT

Dear Sir

The current geo-political definition of what 
India does not even match Gupta's empire (400 AD).
If we go back even further in time when the label
"bharatha kandam" might have been coined for
these "rituals" South India might just be on
the periphery of the classical "bharatha kande".

We can all derive so many divergent conclusions 
and debates from these two statements. But the
purport behind all these could have much
different and deeper. 

It is not about living in current day 
India. Crossing oceans.
Sriman Narayana created them all. What is the
difference between land and ocean. Where are we
not going to feel HIS maginificent presence?
How dare could I exclude? Where could I find a 
spot in this whole world where HE does not
reign and will?
Sriman Narayana is appealing inside and outside.
Whether you are crossing oceans or not crossing.
Besides oceans change in their extent, shape
and boundary!

These other rituals are only secondary to
the primary fact above. Our ancestors,
fully understanding the plight and the busy
life that we as a species are faced with, have
established several days of significance, so 
that we all could contemplate on Sriman Narayana
and observe some discipline and restrictions
on these days if not on all the other days.

They could not pick a day as in July 4th, better 
they used cosmic events to mark these days,
which they "assumed" will be easy to 
identify and remain
unchanged for a long long time to come.

This is how I explained myself and I am motivating
my kids to understand what this is all about.

It is not only confusing to take these to an 
extreme but also (sadly) our vedic religion 
founded upon practicality and universal wisdom
may be (mis) taken for just another faith based

These are the opinions of a software engineer.
Nothing more. I have shared them here only in
the spirit of understanding more of our
great way of life. And to develop clarity
for myself
as to what is that one essential thing
 of Sri Vaishnavite.
What is the essence? What is the kernel?
What is the bark?

This "ignorant"'s confusion and disenchantment
arises from the variations I find in the way
people observe these rituals in different places.
Because they are outwardly different, none of
them could be so essential. What else is?
What is immutable about all these various 
different procedures and rituals?

On occassions the emphasis is pretty much on
the procedurals and not on the "matter" at heart.

If you find time, please enlighten me.

I must admit, I am not observing any of these.
I am not convinced I will take to these "rituals"
any time in this life, even if I am retired.
They do not appear to take me from point A to B,
especially to the point B I am interested in. Instead
these rituals drown me in these meaningless
procedures and actually
distract me from Sriman Narayana. I wish I could
undertake serious journey into Upanishads on these
days. What a joy that could be to get up in the
morning and spend the whole day on such matters
and have nothing else to do.

I can only hope our great Acharyan 
"ThiruKudanthai" Acharyan would forgive me
and bless me with essential faculties and
mental orientation next time
around if these are verily important.

Certainly my words are not to offend or challenge
anyone or practices or beliefs. 

Om Namo Narayana, please bless me with the 
smallest brain enough to hold Sriman Naryana
all the time.

--- Pradeep <> wrote:
> unfortunately i have a naive question. this is
> regarding the 
> applicability of Upaakarma to people living outside
> of India 
> (including me)
> I have heard some say that one should not do Yagams,
> Homams outside 
> of India and some go to the extent of even including
> Sandha-Vandhanam 
> in that list of "donts"!! They only advocate doing
> Bhakthi in 
> naama sankeerthanam, maybe japam,
> reading holy texts like 
> Bhagavatam, Sundarkandam etc. etc. outside of India.
> The reasoning given is that only Bhaarata Desham is
> the Karma-Bhoomi 
> and the rest are not. Also all the dasha-avatars and
> other major 
> leelais of Naarayana and other deities/demi-gods
> have taken place 
> only in India... all the great saints have only
> originated in India. 
> I have even heard that one loses "Brahmana-hood"
> when one crosses the 
> ocean. So I am under a lot of confusion and would
> greatly appreciate 
> if someone can clear this out for me...maybe by
> quoting something. 
> It will help me greatly. 
> thanks in advance...
> adiyen..
>            - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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