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From: karthik (
Date: Wed Aug 01 2001 - 10:29:54 PDT


I'm karthik from chennai. I finished my BE ( comp sc engg)  this year
and i've been placed in a software company.

I have always been attracted towards Lord Krishna in the form he manifests
in Guruvayur. I  basically joined this group to know more abt the Lord and
traditions associated with him.

I consider it a previlage to be a member of this group.

with kind regards,

Quote of the week:

"Oh! blessed indeed is mankind, for in the temple of Guruvayur there shines
in all its effulgence, the Supreme Brahman itself, which is the ultimate
goal of all human endeavor; which shines through a hundred scriptures and
yet remains indistinct; which is ever free; which is devoid of the limits of
time and space; which is incomparable; and which is the crystallised essence
of Bliss and Knowledge "


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