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regarding SatamarShaNa and his tanians
Date: Tue Jul 31 2001 - 20:28:18 PDT

dear bhaktas
sri ramajayam,
                      "tasmimstajjanY bhYdAbhAvAt"

i have gone through some of our past bhakti-list archives of sriman k.srinivasan, sadagopan and sriman krishna tatachari with regard to SaTamarShaNa gotra lineage, right from sri nathamuni onwards, and ankiras,purugutsaar and trasadasyu, the three Rushi pravara of the gotra. it was mentioned in the arichives that SaTamarShaNar was the son of ankiras. on the otherhand according to late c. rajagopalachar's book on mahabharata, the sage angiras was the father of brihaspati, the guiding spirit of devatas and preeminent in the knowledge of the vedas and grand father of kacha. so whether the sage ankiras was the same angiras(spelling mistake?) of mahabharata and ShaTamarshanar born is a question that needs to be addressed.

Sriman kotikanyadhan sri krishna tatachariar kindly gave us  a true version about SaTamarShaNar and extracted out the summary of his family line. Where can I get a Copy of his father's book on "shatamarshana anjana sidda mahime" and the monograph of "shatamarshana gotra prabhavam" of sriman p.a. ranganatha tatachari to go into further details.

 i have a manuscript of the srimat tirumala family tree(tengalai converted family lines  migrated to andhra) rewritten on a paper in  the year 1946  from  talapatra grandha of one of his ancestors and from sri desikar's book on 'Rahasya trayaNam..' etc. it was stated in the manuscript that sri SaTamarSaNar was originally rajarshi(kSHetriya) who later become brahmarshi on rigorious tapasya(penance).   the ancestors of SaTamarSaNar were all vaishanava bhaktars. 

 till sri nathamunulu time they were following Rushi ashrama sampradayam and from then onwards they followed and preached visTadwaitam. The manuscript further states that the  SaTamarShaNa gotra familes in other castes might be possible but remote. the information given in 'narasimha puranam' written by a famous  niyogi kavi by name paidipatu venketa narasimha kavi was that he was residing in garikipadu village in nellore dt., and his gotram was SaTamarshanmam. 

the Second instance was, there used to be mahabhasyam bhattarkar, the teacher and guru for the sons of sri AlWandar. one of his offspring migrated during cheduva and early nizam times to andhra with initial as 'kanchi bhattar'. They were srivaishnavites with SaTamarSaNa gotram. I have heard that                the nathella families of niyOgi brahmins are saTamarSaNars.  at present there are instances  to show that some vaishnava bhakatas in other castes too have their gotra as SaTamarShaNa by means of samasriyanam and updesam by the acharya purushals of this gotra.

now coming to the earlier lineage of tatachari families, we know that the nepew conjeevaram tatachari (also known as panchamata bhanjanam tatachari) of ShsTaparAnkusa swamy of ahobila peetam, was invited by him.  but we donot know about their tanians clearly except that of srikrishna tatachari's lineage. details are yet to be known with regard to the various family lines and links of siriya tirumala nambi for those settled in addanki and tirupati and of kurusheshulu tatachari tanians and their family lines other than kotikanyadan tatachari, like  bukkaptnam  tirumala, tirumala kumara?, bellari(raghavachari), tanjavoor, gadval, and other family lines belonging to swayamacharyas (tholappa acharis). we are  yet to know the lineage of gandikota tirumala vaishanavites like kuntimadhi, peddinti etc of SaTamarSaNa tirumala families. i would appreciate if any one  can explain this famous SaTamarSaNa family heritage and their tanians of earlier period.
       "lakshmEnAtha samArambhAm nAtha YAmunamadhyamam!!
        asmathAchAryaparyAntAm vndheY guruparamparAm!!"
jairam(an) bukkapatnam tirumala


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