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Some members' comments

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Wed Aug 30 2000 - 10:15:40 PDT

> Subject: Re[2]: demi-gods 
> Cc:
> From: Sadagopan <>
> Dear Members of the Bhakthi List;
> I fully support the views of Sri Venkatesh on
> this matter.I am truly sorry to hear about this=20
> despicable act of sending inflamatory anonymous mails
> to Srimathi Subha Swaminathan.
> This type of intolerant act is an act of cowardice=20
> that is not compatible with the parama KaaruNika matham
> of Sri VaishNavam . Shrimathi Subha had asked some=20
> legitimate and important questions to clear her mind=20
> about genuine doubts and number of members were kind
> enough to give their inputs.
> I request Srimathi Subha to rejoin us , if she still=20
> has access to this mail .
> I hope we would not ever experience such acts of
> intolerance , while discussing important points
> pertaining to our sampradhAyam.
> The glory of the Bhakthi list is that it has
> members of different backgrounds and levels
> of involvement with the sampradhAyam and nobody
> should be insulted for asking questions that they have.
> If the limit is reached in terms of discussions,
> Sri Mani Varadarajan , as before , can conclude
> the discussions on an amicable basis and move on.
> Let us learn from this unfortunate incident=20
> and rededicate ourselves to have respectful
> dialogs and learn from each other in the spiriti
> of true humility , which is the hallmark of
> Sri VaishNavam .
> Thanks ,
> V.Sadagopan


> From: "Vivek Devarajan" <>
> Dear All,
>    It is very unfortunate to know that people have been sending
>   anonymous and offensive mails to Smt. Subha, and that she=20
>   is unsubscribing from the list. We should remember that anyone=20
>   who shows interest in vaishnavism is a very fortunate soul, and we
>   should be careful not to offend such a person. Lord Narayana
>   will not excuse such offenses. I beg Smt. Subha to forgive
>   these offenses and reconsider her decision to unsubscribe
>   from the list.
> Trying to be a servant of the devotees,
> Vivek.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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