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Re[2]: demi-gods
Date: Mon Aug 28 2000 - 19:56:18 PDT

     Dear All,
     This is rather unfortunate. As Smt Subha has explained in her message, 
     ignorance is not a crime. When adiyEn sent my posting clarifying all 
     her doubts, adiyEn never criticised her for incorrect interpretation 
     of Sri MadhavakkaNNan's mail.
     It is hard to believe and digest that members of this group are 
     sending such anonymous mails. This is totally against our sampradhAyam 
     too. Not about sending anonymous mails, but hurting one's feeling. The 
     mails that Smt Subha referred seems to be once again out of 
     misunderstanding of her mails. But if it is done with some real 
     unethical purpose this needs to be condemned. As Shri Mani also 
     pointed out, please remember that not all the 600 odd members of the 
     list are learned (about our sampradhAyam) and are scholars. There are 
     many aspiring entrants without any knowledge about our sampradhAyam 
     and are very much interested in learning it and following it.
     These kind of anonymous mails will only demotivate people from joining 
     the list and getting to know about the sampradhAyam. More over it will 
     make others, who have genuine doubts, or even for that sake a doubt 
     which others may consider silly but certainly he/she is not aware off, 
     feel afraid to ask the questions in the forum.
     One more request, controlling the personal mails or tracing it is 
     difficult. Let us not do such filthy acts of attacking a person from 
     behind. Once again the usage of words, as emphasized by Shri Mani and 
     others, time and again is more important.
     Hope we will not see such rubbish in future. However adiyEn places my 
     humble request to Smt Subha to not to be carried away by this and as a 
     result unsubscribe from the list. Instead, please continue in the vein 
     of " pORRuvAr pORRalum, thooRRuvAr thooRRalum, pOgaTTum kaNNanukkE". 
     We are here to learn and we will only concentrate on learning despite 
     what others say. If you can respond to this positively, that's this 
     adiyavan's bhAghyam.
     adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan
     Thirumalai Vinjamoor Venkatesh

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Subject: Re: demi-gods 
Author:  <> at JPINET
Date:    00/08/28 ? 7:35

Dear Devotees,
Many thanks to those of you who kindly explained the context of 
Shri.Madhavan's comments. It certainly made things clearer.
Shri. Muralidhara, its rather unfortunate that you interpreted 
my post to be a "tirade" launched against a particular 
individual. It was not intended as one.  I am glad 
Shri.Madhavan himself did not take it in that spirit because no 
offense was intended. I was only voicing my own ignorance and 
the last time I checked, ignorance is no crime and the only 
person it really hurts is me.
I do not indulge in flame wars and this list is no exception. 
Consequently, I am really upset by recieving emails backchannel 
labelling me as "anti-hindu" and calling me a "traitor to the 
cause" and as having an "ulterior motive". Couldn't whoever 
sent those anonymous emails have the guts to post it to the 
entire list?
Instead, this person creates an hotmail/yahoo account with 
names like "vidvis" and sends me nasty emails without even 
attaching his/her name and hides behind email handles!
If frank questions asked out of pure ignorance elicit such 
malicious responses, I believe I am out of place on this list. 
Kindly forgive me my ignorance. I will not stoop to the level 
of the flamer by posting his flames to the list, so I am 
I am deeply grateful to those of you who have helped dispel 
atleast a tiny part of my ignorance. Forgive me if I offended 
anyone with my honesty.
With gratitude,
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