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Re: demi-gods

From: Shuba (
Date: Mon Aug 28 2000 - 16:35:35 PDT

Dear Devotees,

Many thanks to those of you who kindly explained the context of 
Shri.Madhavan's comments. It certainly made things clearer.

Shri. Muralidhara, its rather unfortunate that you interpreted 
my post to be a "tirade" launched against a particular 
individual. It was not intended as one.  I am glad 
Shri.Madhavan himself did not take it in that spirit because no 
offense was intended. I was only voicing my own ignorance and 
the last time I checked, ignorance is no crime and the only 
person it really hurts is me.

I do not indulge in flame wars and this list is no exception. 
Consequently, I am really upset by recieving emails backchannel 
labelling me as "anti-hindu" and calling me a "traitor to the 
cause" and as having an "ulterior motive". Couldn't whoever 
sent those anonymous emails have the guts to post it to the 
entire list?

Instead, this person creates an hotmail/yahoo account with 
names like "vidvis" and sends me nasty emails without even 
attaching his/her name and hides behind email handles!

If frank questions asked out of pure ignorance elicit such 
malicious responses, I believe I am out of place on this list. 
Kindly forgive me my ignorance. I will not stoop to the level 
of the flamer by posting his flames to the list, so I am 

I am deeply grateful to those of you who have helped dispel 
atleast a tiny part of my ignorance. Forgive me if I offended 
anyone with my honesty.

With gratitude,

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