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From: srinivas kumar puni (
Date: Sun Aug 27 2000 - 06:42:50 PDT

Dear members of the group,

Let me introduce myself as srinivas kumar.I am currently doing my M.E. at the
indian institute of science,Bangalore.

I am a native of Tirupati.I belong to puduru dravida sect(with origins tracing
back to kumbakonam,people say).I am very much interested in sri vaishnavism as
i have been constantly in touch with sri vaishnavites back in my place.I would
like to know more about the philosophy from the learned members of the group
and at the same time get my humble doubts cleared.

So,with due regards to all let me begin with a small doubt that i have.
(My doubts may seem trivial to the learned members of the group,but may they
be pleased to clear them)

In srimad bhagavatham,in many places while describing the process of creation
by the lord it is said that Lord Vishnu evolved from the feet of the cosmic
being to provide the locomotive power.It is also said that Lord Vishnu
appeared along with indra from the cosmic being and so is called Upendra.Is my
comprehension right?Please correct me if i am wrong and can anyone explain the
process of creation as given in bhagavatham as i am not able to comprehend

Thank you.



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