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Please stop asahyaapachaaram in Thiruvaheendhrapuram

From: J. Venkatanathan (
Date: Mon Aug 28 2000 - 06:10:28 PDT

Dear Friends:

When I was talking to a Srivaishnava-bhagavatha friend who is a sincere bhaktha of Swami Sri Desikan, he expressed his deep regrets over some unfortunate incidents which he heard take place at Thiruvaheendhrapuram.

He said he heard that when Devanatha Perumal, out on a procession, passes Swami Sri Manavaala Maamunigal's sannidhi, they hide Perumal by holding a big cloth obstructing Sriman Manvaala Maamunigal view of Perumal to prevent him from performing managalaasaasanam.  My friend says this type of act would not make Swamy Sri Deskan or Perumal happy at all since it amounts to extreme bhaaghavatha apachaaram (asahyaapacharam) which conflicts bhaavatha-seshatvam and which would take the habitually offending prapanna straight to narakam where they will have to stay for several Brahmakalpam. My friend says even talking to people committing this apachaaram is a sin.

My friend added, Swamy Sriman Manavaala Maamunigal, on the other hand, a great bhagavatha that he is, would welcome even this offensive act as a great bhogyam - Swamy Maamunigal would rather be very happy that it is Devanathan is kindly arranging His own bhakthas to obstruct His view so that Sriman Maamunigal can have darshanam of Hari bhaktha's paadhukaas !

My friend continued - the same kind of apachaaram is not meted out to Swamy Desikan at Thiruvallikkeni or Srirangam, where Swamy Desikan is never denied the opportunity to have Dharshanam of Perumal in procession.

My friend sincerely appeals to all true prapanna-s that they discourage & stop this kind of bhaagavathaapachaaram as it is not consistent with the teachings of Swamy Sri Desikan. 

-adiyen, Venkatanatha dhaasan

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