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The significance of Krishna jayanthi Utsavam at Srirangam

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Date: Sat Apr 08 2000 - 01:46:33 PDT

  Srimathe Ramanujayanamaha: 
  Siginificance of ShriJayanthi Festival at Srirangam

 At Srirangam Namperumal is takenn on procession from the Sanctum  Sanctorum  to the Sri Pandaram on the Panchrathra SriJayanthi day. Namperumal moves to the temple kitchen(madapalli) itself to have first hand information of Appam, Seedai, Murukku etc. At SriPandaram, Thirumannjanam  is performed while Araiyar  will be reciting Periyazhavar Thirumozhi .It is Periyazhavar  who in his Periyazhavar Thirmozhi  brings out the Lord Krishna"s Pranks  from the  time  of incarnation . Hence  Araiyar 's  recitation of Periyazhavar ThiruMozhi .   In the night  the Krishna 's Vigraha in the Kannan's sannathi will be given milk in a white  conch .   This temple of Lord Krishna was built in the year 1232 by one  Uma Devi, the queen of Veera Vallaladeva,   The Donar lived in the time of NarahariBhupala  known as Veera NarasimhaII, a Hoysala King .The Hoysalas were camping at  Kannanur  now called Samayapuram and  were assisting the Cholas who were very weak then and were guarding from any possible attack  from the Pandiyas. This Deity was named Tirukkuzhaluudina pillai (Krishna )   She created Endownments to offer to Lord Krishna curd and Ghee in pots with special cakes everyday.This sannathi  is near Kilimandapam at Srirangam. 

As for as Srirangam is concerned this is the third Vibuthi not fitting  into Leelavibuthi on Nithyavibuthi .   It is a firm belief of Mudaliyandan  the great Acharya  who was supervising  the Administration of  the Srirangam Temple  during the period of Sri Ramanuja  that it is Lord Ranganatha who is in Paramapatham and not the other way.   It is Lord Ranganatha who incarnated as Lord Krishna or Sri Rama.    Hence all the Honours at Srirangam on SriJayanthi day is for Lord Sriranganatha.   On the next day after Srijayanthi Krishna moves around the streets of Srirangam in a Pallaku and drops of  Gingely oil is  offered to Devotees . This is called "Yennaivilayattu".   Then Lord Ranganatha with his consorts moves on a procession  to Yadava Mandapam near Thirumanjana cauveri .   In the evening Namperumal adorned with Kilimalai( a garland  with lot of  of parrots  made out of green leaves.     He wears this Kilimalai on a  very few occassions only, like Vaikunta Ekadasi day.   The Sathatha  Vaishnavas who hold the heriditary rights who offer this type of garland and in return offered a ride in the temple  Elephant .   This is an unique  honour  conferred on any kainkaryaparas other than the Brahmins)

In the evening  Lord Krishna will be leading the procession followed by Namperumal with Upayanaachimars.  After going around the Chitra streets the procession will reach southern entrance near  Pathala Krishnan sannathi  where Lord Krishna will break the pots containing Milk curd and turmeric water.   This is called "Uriyadi".  After this Namperumal and Lord Krishna will reach the Sanctum Sanctorum. Namperumal will order through the utterances of Sthanika to leave the sathhani at his house  in the temple elephant as an honour. With this the Utsavam comes to an end.

P.S.Probably the practice of Lord Krishna leading the procession and performing the Uriyadi might have come in to existence in the year 1232 when Krishna's temple was consecrated.Till that period only Namperumal with his consorts might have performed the above said utsavam.

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           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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